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why is rain wet?
"Financed by the banker, the professor builds an evil machine that causes the meteor’s energy to spin out of control, destroying the city and mutating its plants and animals."

I am faring well, because I have a duck.
Sure it is: rapey, rapier, rapiest!
Mr. Skinner to the manager's office. Manager's office, Mr Skinnerrrrr.
The term 'hanky panky' comes from one Hankleton Pankhurst, a well known philanderer in the late 19th century.
Few other weapons in all of gaming scream out "Alright jackasses, game over" to the enemies more than the Crissaegrim does in Symphony of the Night.
For The Greater Good!
Sience doesn't know everything. So we need Religion. For the Greater Good.

(lol, non-sequitur indeed)
Love is everything
I might disappear from everywhere forever.

Because rimworld.
Rimworld rimworld.

I love you, but I am not very good at you.

(Edit: Oh damn. That was more sequitur than expected.)
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Carpe diem.

That's Latin for "ten cents a fish".
Double posts are frowned upon, as poor forum etiquette.

Even when said posts are separated by more than a week.
Telika: [...]
(Edit: Oh damn. That was more sequitur than expected.)
it's because you kept the tomatoes refrigerated