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^ He times his nauseating posts to just after lunchtime in Texas.
^shoots rattlesnakes with his six shooter and then grills them for lunch.
^ Might be my favorite forum poster. Easily top 5.
^ secreted a webcam somewhere on my back forty
^ Refers to the forty pimples on his back as his back forty.
^has been watching Hooyaah through the webcam and counting all the pimples, for some profoundly nefarious purpose.
Post edited June 19, 2021 by morolf
^ was spying Hooyaah through the Eye of Sauron, trying to get some of Hooyaah's OnlyFans content for free.
^ Uses his OnlyFans primarily for shitposting.
^ Only likes OnlyFans when it involves feces.
^is so addicted to OnlyFans he's spent tens of thousands on subscribing and giving money to women he hoped would become his girlfriend. Now he's so poor he can't afford even a single game during the present Gog sale.
^ He would keep living specimens of Megalania priscus as pets, were they not long extinct.
^ They actually went extinct because Hooyaah ate them all.
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^ forbids Hooyaah from eating vegetables, so he had to eat reptiles.
^ He didn't eat that T-Bone earlier, it was a missed steak.
^ Is a master of Eagle's Claw kung fu.