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^ He made off with one of the women and a carton of Marlboro.
^ Keeps several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict as pets.
^ He sat in total darkness and listened to the entire Pink Floyd album, Ummagumma, forty five minutes after ingesting a psychotrophic hallucinogen.
Had glued the headphones to HMA's head, and turned them up full volume...
^ He finally realized that wasn't glue, but HMA's brains oozing out from his external auditory canals.
^ Confused my brain with ear wax.
^ confuses shaving cream with bikini wax.
^ He has a thriving hair waxing business in Miami which currently has a special running on Brazilian Waxes.
^ Gets his hair cut and made into paintbrushes, but it keeps growing back as long as he rubs peanutbutter on his head.
^ Soaks in orange juice to go super sayian.
^ Wears a biker helmet to look like a Super Sentai.
^ wears morion helmet while looting Mesoamerican civilization temples and calls himself an explorer.
^ Wears a moron helmet and calls himself Dora the Explorer.
^ He wears a skin-tight black body suit and skulks around at various cemeteries at night.
^ sometimes uses his magic staff to cook. His staff can be used for barbecuing.