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^ Takes the tickets after Hooyaah has used them, and shreds them for his cage, so that he has something on which to poop.
^ He's the king of baseless assumptions.

HeresMyAccount: (What's a yawning festival?)
an oxymoron
^ has never missed a single yawning festival. He just loves watching people opening their mouths wide.
^ He went to the Naval Observatory to "see all the belly buttons."
^ Wonders why Donkey Kong is wearing a necktie.
^ Wonders why Donkey Kong isn't named Monkey Kong.
^ He wonders why none of the Final Fantasy games were actually the final.
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^ He wonders the same thing about the Final Fight games.

(Actually, I have always wondered that!)
^ He wonders why all of the Stars Wars movies were not released in chronological order.
^ can generate a very strong gravitational pull that even the light from the brightest stars won't be visible.
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^ Has a fetish for black holes, if you know what I mean.
^ He has a personality so charismatic that it can rip the adoration right out of a being.
Has an 'on an off' switch, and is controlled by a wireless controller...

Edit: Is the person that is in possession of said controller...
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^ He has a bike. You can ride it if you like. It has a basket, a bell that rings, and things to make it look good.
^ is the director of the WTF (Bureau of Women, Tobacco, and Firearms).