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^ Stole this story from Cindarella
^ cut his feet on glass slippers at midnight
^ dresses like Methuselah in order to jump in the vaccine line.
^ Disrespects elders by doubting their age just because their fake beards slip off.
^ Ages backwards like Benjamin Button, but ironically, never wears clothes with buttons.
Dresses like Buttons (the clown) on his days off, but wears the entire costume on backwards...
^ Has a phobia of nightmares.
^ has an evil spirit in his bathroom mirror
^installs one way bathroom mirrors and puts premium rate webcams behind them all
^ has the best ideas... I wonder where he comes up with them
^ has never told his real name, Johannes Zoff. His German friends calls him Hans Zoff. He grew fond of hands-off approach to many things, including when driving, whether a car or a motorbike.
^ Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another ...
^ you'd been messing around
^ You're just a mess!
^ He thinks he's the mess (sigh) ya.