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Terraria is on sale at Steam, $1.99; lowest ever, also lowest on the 4-pack. Anyone picking up a four pack want to trade one key it for something $1.49 here or on Steam?

edit: Worked something out with YaYosucka already for Terraria - thanks for the quick trade!

(updated trade list)
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Banner saga GOG
Xenonaut Steam
Broken Age Steam

Banished GOG
Real Myst Masterpiece Edition
I'm looking for someone to help me get Skyrim LE in current -66% Steam discount. I'll pay back next week via PayPal and give following Steam keys just for the trouble: King's Bounty The Legend, Men Of War and Men Of War Red Tide. PM me and we'll iron out the details.
EDIT: Help no longer needed:)
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Updated List

As always, don't be afraid to send me any and all offers!
updated stuffs
I'd love to have Ducktales Remastered that is on flash sale on Steam.

Anyone willing to trade it for something from my stuff? List a few posts above.
Painkiller Black Edition (GOG or Steam)
Papers, Please (Steam)

My list

Willing to trade multiples.
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Edit: traded with Getcomposted (thanks mate)
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Batman: Arkham Asylum (Steam)
Lord of the Rings: War in the North (Steam)
Awesomenauts (Steam)
Little Inferno (Steam)
Psychonauts (Steam)
Dead Space (Origin)
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (Origin)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising (Origin)
Awesomenauts (Steam)


Neverwinter Nights (GoG)

I'm willing to trade all of my games for 1 gog copy of Neverwinter Nights!!
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Don't have much to offer right now, but maybe I'm lucky and someone missed the free version of Megrunner: Dark Pulse. I would have one.

Wishlist for that may be:
or the Quest for Glory Bundle.

Hope there may be someone :)
Done deal...
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Anyone out there waiting for Tiny and Big in the Flash sale, but NOT wanting to wait around for it feel like grabbing me a GoG UFO Aftershock and I'll give you my Tiny and Big code! No waiting around GoG for 2 hours or so, you can go to bed! ;)
Looking to trade for Red Faction

I'm looking for trade Eschalon Book III (Steam) from The Turing Bundle of Indie Royale.
It's my list of keys:
[url= ] [/url]