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Hello, r0nn!
I have Grim Fandango Remastered for trading. In case you're interested, please let me know.
A Steam wallet code of $30.00

Field of Glory II (GOG)

People I've successfully traded with: DebbieL
221bBS 2x

Scammers that I've encountered so far:
African_vvildlife trying to impersonate African_wildlife (difference in the w)
221bB5 trying to impersonate 221bBS (difference in the S)

I didn't bother including the conversation that I had with African_vvildlife as the conversation was already too long.
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looking for anyone willing to trade me heroes of might and magic 3 complete edition
i will trade you anything on steam that is $9.99 or less. plz help me. I've wanted this game for a while but with no credit card i can't get the game on gog and it isn't even on steam. and the hd version on steam is a piece of crap with no expansion hence the cheaper version the complete edition.
I've wanted this game for a long time but since i do't have a credit card I want someone on here to trade me. also it has to be steam it can't be another form of currency sorry. just message me what game on steam you want for the trade. it can be more than 1 as long as it stays under $9.99 total
steam only any thing under 9.99 that you want.anything. is this so hard to do?
edit:if you make an offer to send a code or gift it using gog i will trade you equal value of 9.99 on steam which is the price on gog but if you make me an offer i can make sure you get it. but can someone help me out here and trade me heroes 3 complete on gog for anything on steam for $9.99 or less this trade is for me to get a game and i can't get but generally am willing to trade for it instead of just taking it
here is my steam if this helps someone.