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What's cool about it:

  • Based on the successful tactical combat mechanics from the Commandos series with an even more challenging difficulty level
  • A great atmosphere straight out of classic Westerns with beautiful hand-drawn levels
  • A wide variety of scenarios and an impressive number of ways to accomplish each assignment


El Paso, a typical Wild West town in the southwestern United States near the Mexican border. It is the year 1881. For the last few months, the trains belonging to the famous railroad company, Twinnings & Co have been the target of a whole series of hold-ups and ambushes. The management of the company has decided enough is enough and they have to put an end to the raids. It has offered a reward of $15,000 for anyone who captures the leader of the gang responsible.

But no one in and around El Paso has the courage to take on the might of the bandidos, so the outlaws just keep on robbing train after train. Even the local Marshal is keeping well out of it.

It’s only when a stranger rides into town that things start to change. Bounty hunter John Cooper pays a visit to the local Twinnings & Co manager offering to end the railroad company’s problems once and for all. He gathers together a gang of his old partners and declares war on the bandidos. But during his pursuit, which will take him through half of the southwestern United States, Cooper soon discovers that on this mission nothing is quite what it seems...

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: TEEN with Animated Violence.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP, 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended), 256MB RAM (512 recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7.1 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), Mouse, Keyboard.

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User reviews:

A tough, rough jewel

Posted on 2011-04-21 09:40:10 byIsamael's avatarIsamael:

New Mexico, 1881. A mysterious outlaw, known only as El Diablo, is terrorizing train-bound shipping in the area and you are there to stop him, because you’re just that nice, and there’s an enormous reward. It might not be the 1940’s, but the similarities to ‘Commandos’ are many and hard to overlook – If you did not like the series peculiar brandread more of stealth-based, nerve-wracking tactics and will-crushing difficulty, you can disregard the rest of this review: This game is not for you.
But if you enjoyed Commandos, or if the description above intrigues you, keep reading – Desperados is an oft-forgotten gem of the late isometric era.
You are John Cooper, a bounty hunter and gunman who, as the ending cinematics fade out, have accepted the task of tracking down an elusive train-robber for the shipping company Twinnings&Co. On this rather simple premise the game builds a story that might not be that special, but is surprisingly intricate. It winds and twists and takes you to all parts of New Mexico through a wide variety of locales and settings, and brings you along for the ride. To its credit, the level design is superb, varied and interesting, and much like in commandos, every level feels like it could have been plucked right out of a good movie and you will find yourself interrupting an ill-conceived lynching, busting out of jail, assaulting a mountain stronghold, rescuing femme fatales from paddle-steamers and all that other westerny stuff. Instead of the rather disconnected levels of Commandos, however, each of the levels in Desperados is tied closely to the narrative, introducing characters and their respective abilities, story points and quite a few plot twists in a way that feels both natural and logical.
With gameplay that relies on the clever use of the various skills and abilities of the characters involved, it is good that the characters are one of the game’s strongpoints, with a cast that, like the levels they frequent, are distinct, varied and interesting. From the escaped, wise-cracking slave with a penchant for explosive destruction, via the grumbling Doc McCoy, a man of science, to a young chinese orphan – the characters all have their story, and as they add their peculiar traits and abilities to the team, the difficulty (and the amount of planning you have to do) increases dramatically, but amazingly, so does the fun.
With an (for the time) advanced AI, open levels and a plethora of amusing, sneaky tricks at your disposal, It is no surprise that it might well be described as ‘Commandos in the wild west’ – but add to this a solid story, amazing level design and interesting, diverse characters with their own history, and you have a simply superb experience. There are a few cons here and there – the controls can be glitch and are not as responsive and easy as one would have liked in a game that is this hard, and the soundtrack, while fitting the theme very well, is rather sparse and repetitive after a while. In the end though, these points are far outweighed by the smart gameplay that, though you may die horribly a few times, shake your fist against the screen and curse violently – ultimately will make you feel clever, skilled and proud – which is the finest accolade I can give a game.
Make no mistake, this game is very hard – but it is also very rewarding.

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One of the best games in my life

Posted on 2011-04-21 08:24:47 byneotask's avatarneotask:

Very beautifully created Commandos-like title for wild wild west with charmingly cool characters, still awesome-looking cinematics and engaging story. You start with one bounty hunter named John Cooper and later you are riding western lands with a whole gang of colourful types that you gathered along the road trying to find out what the hell is happening. You may be angry that youread more must get to use quick save a lot (nothing new for Commandos players I guess) or that gunfight is more like a quick workaround in some situations (first time I intentionally finished the game without reloading the gun except in a first mission where they teach you how to do it). You may not like some other things. But, believe me, this game is worth to be at least tried for several missions before putting it aside. For me personally Desperados is one of my favourite games of all times that I have finished at least four times (and this is very rare for me to do that).

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Underappreciated game where one has to use his brain. A gem among games.

Posted on 2011-05-17 02:06:11 bygoral's avatargoral:

I never was Commandos fan. Didn't like the setting, didn't like the gameplay. That's why I was reserved and rather skeptic when I first played Desperados. But I needed only few seconds with it to change my mind. To my surprise, I was hooked from the get go and liked everything in it! The setting (it was always more sunny here and overall the game was more optimistic than Commandos),read more the music (it had one of the best music background I've ever heard in a game), actor's dubbing... EVERYTHING. But the best was the gameplay. It was constructed so that even beginners could easily grasp how to play it and at the same time it was interesting. Each time new playable character appeared we've had a chance to see their abilities in a way that continued the story flow.
And the story is truly great. Unlike in Commandos, where you've had some missions practically not connected with each other, in Desperados everything fitted very well. As a result we've received a grasping tale about bounty hunters who were honorable and interesting. What's more it was constructed so well that you could finish most missions using various methods. The easiest way was to kill everyone and using that method you could race with other players and set a record for finishing the game (there is a timer in game which is another great thing and advantage over Commandos). But the trick was to kill as few as possible and when you could do that, victory was even more enjoyable.
That's not all however. The next step was to finish the game without killing anyone with a gun (not firing at all was very hard since otherwise it was difficult to lure someone unless it was night and they were more sensible/sensitive to sounds and running or Cooper's watch worked great). Using a knife, snake, dynamite, etc. And you could have finish whole game using this strategy (besides last mission).
But there was another step - to not kill anyone ! I've managed to do that from 23 missions and only in the last one (obviously) and one before that I had to use it ! This makes me very proud because it was very, very hard and time consuming to do that :D. If anyone would like some tips PM me. Although I have to admit that at some places I had to use dynamite and throw it in a way to not kill anyone. I think the hardest mission using this kind of play was retaking Sanchez's hideout (taking out first guards was the hardest but not impossible).
Anyways, Desperados >> Commandos, it offers many more options, has better gameplay, great story (and in comparison to Commandos which has no story at all it's a HUGE difference), offers multiple solutions to finish missions (for example you can blow your way out by making a hole in a wall or you can snipe some enemies and cross the bridge and there are many missions like that), has really great, colorful characters, characters who aren't indifferent to you (you end up cheering up for them and sometimes you're sad when a tragedy happens), etc. etc. It's one of the few perfect games (besides it there is Sacrifice and Fallout 1).

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