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jimnorth: Many thanks to NoNewTaleToTell for the excellent trade! :)
And a thank you to you too!
Updated my list.
Updated list here.
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Badseeder: Updated list here.
Wrong link.
Badseeder: Updated list here.
Alterego1972: Wrong link.
Eheh, thanks, man!
Thanks for the nice trade, X-com!

I'd give a lot of my keys for

Blackguards Special Edition
+DLC: Blackguards: Untold Legends
Thank you Klumpen0815 for a smooth trade!

I have added Raven, Legacy of a Master Thief to my have list.
Note, all these trade offers are final, so unless you want some steam links to mediocre games from bundles in exchange to Gog keys you provide, don't contact me with other offers, spare the time to play great games instead :)
Also I'm currently not interested in anything else other then mentioned here (and I don't have anything else)...
After you agree with this, feel free to laugh about my offers or if you happen to find them worthwhile, pm me for a trade :)

Currently offered trades:

1. in the current promo I'm also interested in these mutators, in 4 tiers of limited offers (I know it's not much but it's all I've got, so only pm if the deal seems worthwhile for you) Gog for Gog on these offers:

Tier 1# will offer for any of these four (or games from higher tiers if you really want to)
Wingcommander 1+2
Gobliiins Pack
Syndicate Wars

Tier 2# will offer for this game (or games from higher tiers if you really want to)
Trine Enchanted Edition

Tier 3# will offer for any of these two (or games from higher tiers if you really want to)
Blackwell Epiphany
Legend of Grimrock

Tier 4# will offer + for any ONE of these two
1954 Alcatraz
Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief

Thank you very much for reading and happy trading for all! :)

Just to note that I got Driftmoon thanks to Tannath, so I won't be needing it anymore, but if anybody is having troubles buying bundles but can buy at Gog, do contact me so we can sort something out :)
2. Want: Driftmoon at 1.99$
Offer: Two of Any current bundle @ 1$ (yeah, I know I'll lose 0.01$ + transaction fees, he) or Any Bundle @ 2$

Meaning, if you need 1 more game to buy from the current promo and don't know what to choose,
You might as well pick Driftmoon and then pm me to tell which bundle(s) you want me to buy.

I know that if you can buy here you'll probably be able to buy the bundles by yourself, so I doubt anyone will need my offer, but if on a remote chance you can't buy the bundle you want but can buy here, it will be a win-win for both of us so don't hesitate to pm :)
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Badseeder: [...]

Sucessfully traded before with HypersomniacLive ,Expopower, Ingsoc85, Impaler26, stg83, rodrolliv, Rolodzeo, Giltonnam, Accatone, samlii, Madmate and BranjoHello.
Thanks for the smooth trade. :-)
alexkoti: Thanks for the trade pirateoftheah :)
Thank you too for the kind and generous trade, alexkoti! :)
Updated Post
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JJjoinut99: [...]

Thank you!

I've successfully traded with the following users:
HypersomniacLive: Cheers for the very smooth and extremely pleasant trade! :-)
And thanks to you too!
JJjoinut99: snip
Thanks for a perfect trade!
I'm looking for the mutators Unrest SE and Democracy 3.

I have the mutators that I can trade for them:
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav,
The Blackwell Bundle,
Sword of the Samurai.