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Nice work Sinistar :-)
IAmSinistar: Your money's no good here. Check your PMs.
Oh dammit, I can't even trade, with you around! :P

Thank you very much for the gift!
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yogsloth: Uhhh, let's see... Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe!
Lemme see if I still have that one. I only bought it for The Bard's Tale code. ;)
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Humble Bundle 12 ($10 tier) (Please note: if this is what you'd like to trade for, I would like my own gift link to the entire bundle, not codes for each game, as I would like to get the extra games when they unlock, too)

I won't even link to my have list, because I don't have anything worth trading for at this point, but I will offer that I can buy anything on Steam for the equivalent price of either of those items. :-)
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Thank you!
dr.schliemann: Thank you!
Thank you in return for the gift code, very nice of you! Got a game off the wishlist I've been meaning to have for a while.
Woah. Fall colors Sinistar?
I would like to trade for Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning Collection, which is currently on sale at Steam.

To see the list of games I can offer click HERE
Updated Trade List,both Haves and Wants
None Currently


Obviously, I don't expect some of these in exchange for others, and my have list will be updated as I have items available.

Successfully transacted with: briareoushex
Successfully transacted with: RPGplayerGotrek
Successfully traded with BenKii
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— x —

Many thanks to Tokisto for Bionic Commando! ^_^
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Updated my list

I'm interested in the Kingdom of Amalur game that is on sale on steam right now!
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Bump Looking for some Humble Bundle games and Space/Space-themed games!
WANT (from the current promo):
BlazBlue Calamity Trigger

a bunch of stuff (click here)
List updated. Thanks for reading :-)