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Waiting from 2 days and no code arrived yet.
RPGplayerGotrek: I have been waiting for about 16 to 18 hours :(
I sent you the code I got. Let me know if it works. :D
gianlucaP: Waiting from 2 days and no code arrived yet.
And 2 days here. Rather surprising since previously I'd usually get codes immediately. I guess GOG is still swamped.
I still haven't received my code. Really looking forward to watch "Gamers" movie.
I haven't received my code for the bundle either. Has the staff said anything about these problems and that they're trying to fix them? Or should we ask support about the fact that we haven't received the codes yet instead of waiting and hoping that they show up?
It's been 24h since I validated my seventh and last stamp and still got no mail with the activation codes for The Witcher 2 + The Gamer. The french GOG support didn't even reply my mail about this. What's wrong ?
One day passed for me... no e-mail with the code, I've even checked the spam folder.

I know I've registered here because of this Witcher 2 freebie, (for starters) so I'm not in a position to complain :)
don't want to be a bother but same here, 2 days, no code

EDIT: 3 days now, still nothing!

EDIT: a full week now
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Got my codes a while ago.
Same for me: it took a day and a few hours but the email finally came.
Hi today I have 4 stemps can you tell me, is that stemps come only 24h or some next will come earlier ?
still waiting here, almost 4 days now, wtf.
Waited for 6 days and still haven't received the code. I contacted the support team and yet no response. :'(
I was about to pick my last stamp, just 30 minutes need to wait to reveal the last,

i refreshed the web, like with all the other stamps, because the time was not properly updated, and now the stamps where gone!!!!

Sad :(