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STEEP free on Uplay.

STORIES UNTOLD free on Epic.
Undertale (Steam, DRM-Free) is $3.99 at Humble Store. It is an awesome game that deserves your attention and at this price you don't have a reason not to try it.

AppGameKit game development tool for those who want to create games, is down from €92,99 to free. Offer lasts until 19th of May 19:00 (CET summer time I presume, as that's where I'm live and where I see this date appear in the steam store):
Humble tinyBuild Bundle with Graveyard Keeper

Punch Club
The Final Station
Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor (Not for Linux)

Hello Neighbor (Only for Windows)
Streets of Rogue (Early Access)
Party Hard
Party Hard: High Crimes DLC

Party Hard 2 (Only for Windows)
Graveyard Keeper

All games are only available as Steam keys, except for Hello Neighbor which is also available as a DRM-Free download. All games have Windows, Mac and Linux builds, aside the exceptions noted above.
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Ah, only Graveyard Keeper is interesting to me but it's top tier... maybe another time... :/