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wanderer_27: You sure about that?

I have Titan Quest & Titan Quest Anniversary Edition on Steam, but nothing here on GOG - I even did the GOG Connect refresh thing.

On another note, I seem to have a few games I don't remember buying that I believe are recent Steam transfers, but I'm not certain of that.

And on yet another note, in case folks missed it - the Master of Orions 1 through 3 are showing up on the GOG Connect screen in case folks missed it - I already own them here though so no impact.
DyNaer: Only on Steam, how you could possibly get the game as free since the older version was never released on GOG, your only chance is of course through GOG connect, if the publisher is agree about that, but i don't believe one sec. it will happen soon.
Isn't that what they're saying (GOG Connect), or did I totally misinterpret that?
wanderer_27: Isn't that what they're saying (GOG Connect), or did I totally misinterpret that?
I didn't say it wasn't possible, but the anniversary edition was just released, it's not reasonable to get it through GOG connect at the moment.

Plus it's only IF the publisher is agree, otherwise it's a no.

GOG used GOG connect as a marketing tool to promote their site & client, so don't expect lots of games available..

Considering the amount of games available in the GOG catalog; the games which were available isn't a lot (and that's understandable)

I, too would some more games available , but that's not reasonable.