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Leroux: (*sigh* Enclave).
Sachys: I thought that was terrible actually.

Alright, name the time, place and choice of weapon. I fear we can't be friends anymore. :P
Sachys: Interesting:

"You already may have noticed, but I did want to highlight a new feature we just added. You can now Trade or Gift any item from a bundle, including DRM-Free files such as albums and comics, and very soon you’ll also be able to Trade or Gift entire bundles. The motivation for this is simple: Discovery. Ultimately, bundles are and/or should be used for Discovery. From this perspective, if you’ve acquired in a bundle a game, album or comic that doesn’t interest interest you, then it really does no one any good for it to remain unused in your account. By creating a way for you to share unused digital assets with others who are interested, we are adding value to our community at large and the partners with whom we are trusted with their labors of love."

Time for me to go through all the crap I have on there and send it to foxworks! ;D
Unfortunately it doesn't work with old bundles. But I think it's a very interesting new feature. Finally I can trade away all the Steam keys I don't need and get some DRM-free games from bundles I won't buy (because they consist of 80% Steam keys) instead.
aquaSolus: Because it is... perhaps... elegant ?

FireFlower Games' BND

Rest a while and listen.
Hah! That's great, I love FireFlower's progressive side.

Truly the best deal of all is spending nothing. The savings are infinite.

More HOGs + Puzzles On BundleStars / Reruns

Enigma Bundle

About the Bundle: € 1.99 - Time limited offer. Ends in 6 days.
Mystery, magic & murder - Unravel the Enigma with 8 Steam keys in this brain-teasing bundle!

Mystery Masters: Psycho Train Deluxe Edition
Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island
House of 1,000 Doors: Family Secrets Collector's Edition
House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster Collector's Edition
Nearwood - Collector's Edition
Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome Collector's Edition
Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders
Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe

Crazy Machines Bundle Reloaded

About the Bundle: € 2.49 Time limited offer. Ends in 6 days.
The wackiest contraptions on Steam! Delivers as 17 Steam keys.

Crazy Machines
Crazy Machines 1.5
Crazy Machines 2
Crazy Machines 2: Back to the Shop Add-On DLC
Crazy Machines 2: Halloween DLC
Crazy Machines 2: Liquid Force Add-on DLC
Crazy Machines 2 - Invaders from Space DLC
Crazy Machines 2: Invaders From Space, 2nd Wave DLC
Crazy Machines 2: Time Travel Add-On DLC
Crazy Machines 2: Anniversary DLC
Crazy Machines 2 - Jewel Digger DLC
Crazy Machines 2: Pirates DLC
Crazy Machines 2: Happy New Year DLC
Crazy Machines: Golden Gears
Crazy Machines Elements
Crazy Machines Elements DLC - Gadget Fun & Tricky Riddles DLC
Crazy Machines Elements DLC - Collision Course & Mental Activity DLC
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The site for 1c Publishing has a sale going on but I would recommend not buying from them, they offered a DRM-free game but did not say it was a bloody Iso file, which are a nuisance for me to deal with. More to the issue the actual files are not actually in the zipped content, there's simply nothing there, all you do is download a compressed empty folder. So avoid buying from this site should you come across it.

On a positive note Games Republic has two of my all-time favourite FPS games on sale:
* Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
* Call of Juarez

Each at only 2.49 €.

Edit: the Juarez games are DRM-free by the way.
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It seems Amiga/C64 Forever has a 50% off promo for their "2016" version for the next couple of weeks.
Leroux: Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube - $2.49 (75% off)
Qbeh-1 is like Blocks That Matter in first person view, with relaxing atmosphere. (The only thing that's a bit off about it is that you can die and be reset to the last checkpoint if you miss a jump and fall off the map. But since the maps aren't that big it's not that much of an issue.)
Prequel "demo" on Desura for free also it feels like Q.U.B.E.+Blocks That Matters in my opinion if it wasn't Steamed I'd have grabbed it :-)
cecil: if it wasn't Steamed I'd have grabbed it :-)
It seems they tried to get Qbeh-1 on GOG, apparantly without success so far?

Obligatory wishlist link.
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cecil: if it wasn't Steamed I'd have grabbed it :-)
Leroux: It seems they tried to get Qbeh-1 on GOG, apparantly without success so far?

Obligatory wishlist link.
Thanks for the link Voted for it also nice to see the Desura link I mention as part of the info on the wishlist page :-)
I also voted for Qbeh-1, because this game looks amazing :)
IndieGala - Every Monday Bundle

$1.89 (before price increases):

- Retro Game Crunch
- Out There - Ω Edition + Soundtrack
- Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again
- Miracle Fly
- Fine Sweeper
- Shutter
Sniper Ghost Warrior Trilogy - $2.81

I've been wanting to get this forever and waiting for the price to hit the proverbial sweet spot which it looks like it just did, however I wonder if this comes on a single Steam key, or if each of the individual titles within has their own Steam key including the DLC packs? Has anyone bought this that can confirm/deny either way?

I own the Sniper Ghost Warrior base game already, so if I buy this trilogy pack it'd be nice to just redeem the stuff I don't have, and have a spare copy of the first game to be able to put into a giveaway or similar. Only 12+ hours left so I hope someone who knows can respond within that tight time frame. :)

Good chance I may just buy it anyway though.
Mini bundle 9 can be reserved in Groupees for $1.25


BundleStars resurrected some more of their past bundles. Remember that code SAVE10 gives an extra %10 discount
This post is not relevant, as the thing I saw is just some bug, not actually working. But still, I just saw a game on Steam, with 160% discount. Nice, huh? Though on the game's page, it's corrected to 80%
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Generation 60% discount... not bad considering it only recently released... one month ago to be precise... and of course I buy it on Day 1... ><

Steam only of course

EDIT Same as the current discount on Steam directly
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