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muntdefems: Glad you enjoyed it. Being you a point'n'click fan it seemed like a safe bet, but after our disagreement with Virginia I wasn't so sure... They're radically different games, though. :P
As a great fun of Monkey Island I'm always looking for this kind of humour and I really hoped Tentacle will be nice. And it is. It's different then Monkey Island, it's more nerd like ;), but it's brilliant. Puzzles' solutions will make you smile, mistakes you'll make results in funny comments, all dialog lines are interesting etc. This kind of approach make the game real pleasure. A lot of today's adventures try to be simple to avoid being frustrating. Tentacle shows how it should be done to make even failures enjoyable. Thanks once again!

By the way - I was very disappointed by Virginia, but I still appreciate that it's something different and creative. It's a game you'll probably remember, even if you don't like it.
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That's incidentally the number of games I've finished thus far this year.
The Little Acre (2016)

Very short (~2,5h with a lot of distractions) and very simple (extremely linear and giving you no more than 2-4 items at the same time; zero influence on the story and dialogues; all active elements of environment are highlighted). Nice story, but it's hard to be emotionally engaging if the game is finished before you even realize what is going on here. If you could get it for $1 and you like point&click adventures - sure, go get it.

List of all games completed in 2018.
Homeworld Emergence....kind of.

The final mission wasn't too hard, it was just really REALLY annoying. :P

I spent two hours looking for one little tiny sensor, and when I finally found it, by the time I got my strike craft to it, the recon got blowed up and my strike craft can no longer find the stupid thing. :P I spend another 30 minutes looking for the damn thing again.

Again, not hard, but I have better things to do then look for a little red pin prick on a star map all night. :P

Time to finally dig into StarCraft 2. Realizing that my soul wasn't worth much to begin with, I felt no pain in selling it to the DRM satan that is Blizzard.
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Xbox One)

The 360 version played on Xbox One. Turn based tactical games are my favorite genre and I don't play as many as I should. Finally got to this one and it's a fine entry in the genre for sure. It's very similar to Massive Chalice actually, a game I consider to be underrated.

Early last year I replayed the original UFO Enemy Unknown via Open X-com, so it is still fresh enough to compare. I like this new reboot better, as I found the originals too long and drawn out, just for the sake of being long. XCOM takes the essence of what the originals were about and gives you a campaign that can be finished in under 20 hours instead of 50.
I loved the balance between the squad classes and weapons and how the story missions were introduced by achieving research and tactical milestones in the game. The actual turn based missions are the best part of the game.

If the game has a weakness then it's the maps are not very varied and quite dull. It soon feels like you're fighting over the same terrain quite early in the game. But definitely a must play game for fans of the genre. But if you're a fan, probably best to play on Classic difficulty. I started on Normal as a "learn the game" tutorial. Then restarted on Classic.

Only real problem is that...XCOM Enemy Unknown, STILL isn't good as the old Jagged Alliance games. I'm starting to doubt that there will ever be a new game to rival the old JA series, but I'm not going to give up hope yet.
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A very short and very easy puzzle platformer. Don't think it took me longer than 2.5 hours to complete it. The gameplay mechanics (switch between present and past and possibility to stop the time) aren't bad, but unfortunately the developers didn't really know what to do with these tools and only created very moderate or uninteresting puzzles (except for two or three in chapter VI and VII).

Graphics and music were fine, the voice-acting was a little cheesy though. Story was ok at best. All in all I didn't regret playing this game, but somehow it felt more like a long tutorial and not really like a real game.

Complete list of finished games in 2018
Deep Space Waifu; Flat Justice

A stand-alone from the Deep Space Waifu game. This time, there's a story. And this time, you're a cop, in a "flat girls" universe.

If the action and graphics are still good to top-notch, let's charitably say that the "story" is not the shining point of that game... Yeah, definitely no. What I liked in the original game was precisely the lightness, the no-involvment, just-for-fun atmosphere. But here, the story is so awkward it hurts, with the creators of the game seemingly trying to see how much innuendo they can fit in such a short game... The result is, according to me, appaling.

Still, a good game, if you can turn a blind eye to all this awkwardness...

So far in 2018:
Surgeon Simulator ER (PSVR)

This game is very similar to the original “Surgeon Simulator” game, but it’s in VR so you’re operating on a life-sized patient in front of you! The controls themselves are much easier than the PC version (including the fact that you have two hands), although I did feel that the patient was more sensitive to mistakes. In any case, I found the game quite easy, although I am quite experienced having played it on two other platforms previously (PC and PS4).

Missing from the PSVR version though are the “corridor” location, “TF2”, “Donald Trump”, and most importantly the “Alien Autopsy” surgery :(. I didn’t have any tracking issues or major bugs, although on a couple of occasions the transplanted organ did clip through the body cavity and became unaccessible so I had to restart the surgery.

I’d still recommend it though because it is fun.
01kipper: on a couple of occasions the transplanted organ did clip through the body cavity and became unaccessible so I had to restart the surgery
It's terrible! What about a patient?!
Noctropolis (1994)

Oh. My. God. That was hard experience.

I liked the music and B-class movie style. I'm also ok that the main character might die. What I didn't like:
* time limits, which are not assigned to any particular puzzle (so you often don't know what to do, but time is running)
* saving, dying and being inprisoned a lot :)
* dialogue trees being long mazes with only one winning path (I made about 15 confessions at the beginning of the game - even knowing what I'm trying to get didn't help!) ;)
* a few arcade elements I just don't like in point&clicks in general
* extreme pixel-hunting - in some cases it was really ridiculous! (did you saw that trap door in Opera House? or that damn screwdriver on the pipe?)
* and the worst, deadly sin - the game lets you get into dead-end; if you don't want to repeat significant part of the game, just be sure that you have glass shard before you step into the Maze; it's in Sunspire Tower, you need Stiletto to get there and don't screw that up, because you have only one chance to get the item :|

List of all games completed in 2018.
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

A bit lackluster in the middle but fun game.

Besides hand to hand combat it didin't really offer anything memorable. The whole system of cop/gangster is undervelop.

but enjoy it, had fun but glad it is done. i won't touch any side mission or that nightmare dlc.
Finished carmageddon tdr 2000, now that was rather fast. Also enjoyed it, people really don't need to spit on this game except for other reasons that they tricked stainless software over.
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Alan Wake, Jan 27 (GOG)- I really enjoyed this game. There were some tense moments when I ran out of ammo and had to run to the next safe area. The story was good and first 5 episodes were fun. The last episode was a little short and involved too much driving. The two DLCs really ramped up the difficulty but didn't add anything but overall a good game.

Full List

I liked it but I didn't love it. Most people know it so there is no need for description. Presentation is good enough and music and sound is great. Gameplay is good most of the time but I found some parts bit frustrating and obnoxious while most of the time it was little too easy.
I would also like it to be more open. I get it is quite railroaded for story reasons and to allow for the coherent narration but I would still appreciate if it allowed for more exploration and I also feel it could allow to choose order of missions in some parts.
The game took me some 10 hours to finish. I went through the campaign, then through the last mission again to get the other ending, then through first mission of NG+. I gained first place on proving grounds and completed all memorials. Of those 10 hours some 2 were spent on doing one of the dream sequences with activated idols.

I bought it on Humble in some bundle long time around and only now I have discovered that the DRM-free version they offer is version 0.7 something from 2011 and as such it is not finished game. How nice of them to offer DRM-free version. Luckily it was also provided with Steam code and there the game is up-to-date (October 2017) so at least I was able to play it properly.

List of all my finished games in 2018.
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