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Fonzer: It's something about cannot connect to servers which is probably due to having windows xp i pressume. I can download games and update them but you can't post a review without the client if it doesn't let you with the server issues, you can visit the steam forums but not check who posted to you, no screenshots or videos can be posted without the client.
Well i couldn't even download a game from steam until i added someones fix for steam in a certain file.
Too bad they don't let you post a review with only a web browser i believe.
Is this what you wanted to know?
kalirion: They do let you post a review with only a web browser. I believe only if Steam has recorded you playing for a certain minimum amount of time though (5 minutes? 15 minutes? I don't know), so if the OS issues prevent it from being recorded that's a problem.
Ok i just found the section with review, you have to visit the store page not the community page with browser.
Gonna try writing the review soon.
So do you use your mobile for access to your bank, as I cannot believe there would be any bank allowing access using an outdated version of Windows.
I use paysafecard and it still works. I never did use any online bank activities. I still go to the ATM machine when i need money and i simply use paysafecard since it's has less membership fees than a credit card.
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Dead Space (PS3)

I was planning to complete a few horror games over Halloween, but life got in the way. I finally put the last few hours into completing it today. Dead Space is a survival horror game where you play engineer Isaac Clark, who is part of a crew of 5 responding to a distress call from a mining ship, of course when you arrive all hell breaks loose and you're separated. Alone, surrounded by murderous aliens and equipped only with a spacesuit and a repair tool, you have to find a way off the ship. In terms of gameplay it was fun and enjoyable, if you hate jumpscares like I do then you might not be a fan of the first half hour, however there's so many you eventually get used to it. Difficulty wise, I played on normal and found the first half of the game very easy, I found it so easy I decided to give myself another hurdle by refusing to sell anything and refusing to buy anything other than new weapons or armour from the shop, this turned out to be a big mistake as the difficulty ramps up in the 2nd half. The music is one of the best parts of the game, and is key in making you even more nervous and scared.

My biggest annoyance was the kinesis power, it's required for several puzzles but is so fiddly, it attaches to things you weren't trying to pick up and props often struggle to fit into the gaps you try to place them in. My other annoyance is the weapons, the starting weapon was in my opinion the best weapon in the game, you need certain other weapons for certain enemies to make your life easier but with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 enemies, the starting weapon works fine, which I don't think should be the case. There was also a few glitches, such as enemies getting stuck and not being able to move. Overall it was a good game, it's not my favourite survival horror, a lack of boss fights means I prefer the Resident Evil franchise, but it was a good game none the less.

Ok, so you could literally play this game forever, and all I really did was complete a first playthrough (Dwarves, disc ending).

It's a really neat RPG/strategy-turnbased combat/roguelite that really hits a number of high points for me, esp having picked it up at 75% off it was a really happy buy.

The quests are quite well done in terms of story, though they do require some reading and paying attention to the responses. The resource/trading is decent, the party-building is good, and the combat is really quite well done.

Each character/enemy has 3 phases (if not debuffed) in each round: movement, utility, attack, which really keeps the buffs and debuffs flying around. If you're interested in the turn-based combat/RPG genre, I'd definitely recommend checking it out, esp at sale pricing.
Finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution

A perfect game.
West of Loathing

Very entertaining game. Even though it appears simple and combats are rather easy and predictable most of the times, it has a lot more content and depth than I originally expected, not that far off from a full fledged RPG - lots of places to explore, tons of quirky items to find, so many little things to discover, different approaches to problems, three different classes and different companions to choose from, many stats and skills to put your XP in, countless random encounters with different solutions depending on your skills and inventory that seldom repeat even after hours and hours of gameplay, cheap grinding possible but not necessary at all and easily avoidable, so much (easily digestible and amusing) text. Nice music, too, and the graphics while minimalistic to the point of crude are still cute in their own special way.

There were one or two side quest puzzles the solution of which I found much too obscure and kind of unfair so I had to look up online what the game wanted me to do, and in these situations I was momentarily a bit frustrated and dismayed with the game (I remember one was about finding a specific grave by deduction, but it involved info that could only be found elsewhere, and the game made it too easy for players to overlook that and think they could solve it on their own). Still, considering that the whole playthrough kept me busy for much more than 10 hours, and everything else felt next to perfect, this was easily forgiven. All in all, it was well worth it.
Metal Gear Solid

Eventually settled upon the PS1 version using the Mednafen (Beetle) HW core with RetroArch frontend. The emulation worked perfectly at 4x resolution and locked and V-Synced 60 frame rate. The only issue was trying to change to disc 2 when required. It took me over an hour of playing around before coming up with my own workaround that allowed me to find a way that worked- the official RetroArch method simply was broken or bugged and would never allow me to select disc 2. But the emulated PS1 version was better than both retro Win 98 PC and modern fan patched PC versions.

Probably a special game in 98 for the PlayStation, but now it feels very B-grade and clunky. With fixed, Resident Evil style cameras that don't work so well here as in a survival horror game. You can see the progression in gameplay as you go to MGS3 and Peace Walker etc. But I had to play it in my quest to complete the series. Unfortunately I now realise I still have gaps in the story...the original top down 2D MSX Metal Gear games fill the link between The Phantom Pain and the original MGS. I have those on Xbox 360, so they are added to the playlist for the future now. But next will be Sons of Liberty.
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Batman: Arkham City. Second time I've played this one. I finished with 71 percent completion. I mostly skipped the AR training because trying to fly through those hoops just wasn't very fun.

I've often seen arguments that this is inferior to Asylum because Asylum is more a linear and compact game, but I can't say I mind the open-world gameplay of this one. The setting is big but not overwhelmingly huge, so it's easy to just go in any direction and immediately find something to do, either main story stuff, solving riddles, doing the side missions, or just beating up enemies and generally doing Batman stuff.

The extra wrinkles added to the gameplay are mostly fun without changing too much. I never get sick of the beatdown move. The only addition I'm not crazy about is the grappling hook you use when you need to use a raft, grabbing the rings and slowly pulling yourself toward something. It's just a drag (literally) whenever that becomes necessary, but thankfully there aren't too many of those moments.

The story is nothing special but it serves well enough as an excuse to have you run through most of the rogues gallery. It does seem that the developers realized that Batman looked somewhat ineffectual in Asylum because I don't recall any instances of him failing to save people in this one.
Zissi's Island

For a game which only costs $2, this is quite a neat little collectathon title. A bit rough around the edges, not perfect in any way and sometimes a bit frustrating, but still entertaining enough for me to completely play through it (took me a couple of hours, maybe 3 or 4, but I didn't track time). You're free to explore a big island, collecting coins, gadgets and pearls; the coins are for buying quest items or other gadgets, and the gadgets give you new abilities that open up new places to you and make exploring easier. The pearls are the ultimate goal, you need to collect at least 20 (of 29) in order to make a necklace for your grandmother.

Graphics are simple, but colorful and cute in their own amateurish way. Music is nice, even if it seems to be playing dependent on zones and often just switches or turns off when you run in and out of them. The controls aren't ideal for a 3D platformer, the camera seriously gets in the way sometimes, jumping can be a bit impredictable, combat is comparatively bad (you can jump on opponents which can easily go wrong and hurt you, or you throw tomatoes at them, which only works if you're facing them directly while they run at you), and running on the gamepad is either B or left button, which kind of interferes with the movement controls - right trigger would have been the more obvious and convenient choice, and you can't redefine keys. I've also encountered a few bugs, and at least one of them got me stuck in a situation where quitting and reloading the last checkpoint was the only option to continue.

Despite all that, I enjoyed exploring the island and collecting stuff, and the game became more fun the more gadgets I got (especially double jump made a huge difference). The island offered lots of little surprises, and I was impressed that it was supposedly made by one guy only. With a little more polish, I think this would be quite a good game. It's just not that clear to me what the target audience would be, apart from people like me who have to play every collectathon game no matter what. The graphics and dialogues make it seem like it's a game catering to younger kids, but I can imagine that the difficulty caused by the clunkiness would put them off, and also, the game has different endings without warning you about it; I thought it was a cheery and relaxing game and ended up getting the worst ending, which wasn't what you'd expect in a title like this, rather cruel and depressing (even for an adult :D ).
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Leroux: For a game which only costs $2
Or $0, since it was very recently free on itch.
Leroux: For a game which only costs $2
Cavalary: Or $0, since it was very recently free on itch.
That's how I got it, but that was only temporarily. ;)
I think it's worth $2, if you can overlook its problems.
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Scanner Sombre

An interesting concept which sadly doesn't translate to a very interesting game. It's more or less like Dear Esther, just walking, walking, walking along a mostly linear track while being fed bits of story occasionally. The story isn't as obscure and pretentious as the one of Dear Esther, but not all that deep either. As far as I could tell there isn't anything to explore or discover beside the main path, so you don't really need to scan more than the absolute necessary and can rush through the game always just looking for where the path continues. And it's still rather slow and uneventful. It doesn't really do that much with the scanning mechanics either. Took me a bit less than two hours to complete, and if I hadn't known it was that short, I'd probably have given up on it. I appreciate the idea, but you can get that from the trailer already. You'd probably be better off watching a thrilling movie instead ...
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Just finished Call of Cthulhu on PC. Good game, though some of the localization text is off. That's my *only* complaint. Worth a look if you don't mind steam, otherwise if you have a console there should be a version on PS4 and Xbone.
Sky Force Anniversary

Bought it on 90% Steam Sale yesterday after recommendations in a forum. Fun shmup with persistent purchasable upgrades which let even someone like me beat the final boss on normal difficulty.