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Train Valley (base game, not Germany DLC)

Picked it up on sale for $2.50 and got about 10-11 mostly enjoyable hours out of it, completing all 24 levels, plus going back for a number of extra stamps/achievements.

Simple in theory, yet successful at challenging your ability to stay focused across a whole map, coordinating new rail and managing switches and dispatch on existing stations and rails.

The difficulty doesn't grow incrementally, but instead kind of bounces up and down. On some maps money (and planning ahead) are serious constraints, and others you can get away with winging it quite a bit.

All in all a solid thumbs up. I'd been wanting an enjoyable train game, and this one definitely fit that bill. Will probably keep it installed on my travel laptop and mess with it from time to time.
A Boy and his Blob (PC)

A Puzzle/Platformer, this game sees you play as a 6 year old kid (who must have some pretty irresponsible parents seeing as they left him alone in a treehouse in the middle of a forest filled with evil black monsters) and the mysterious Blob, who crashed to earth on a meteorite. Your job is to get back to the blobs home planet and defeat the evil king who has taken over and put all the blobs into slave labour. You must make your way through 10 levels, getting around by feeding your blob jellybeans to let it turn into various objects such as trampolines or anvils, which can lead to some very frustrating puzzles. There's no HP so if the boy gets hit once, he's out, but thankfully there are enough checkpoints that this doesn't become a problem. Each level has 3 hidden chests to find, finding all 3 unlocks a challenge level, which are more difficult levels which are also void of checkpoints, completing these unlocks artwork.

I really enjoyed this game, so much so I played it to 100%. It's the only GOG game I own that has achievements so it's nice to know I have 100% of the achievements in my library now. The music can get dull, especially if you get stuck and get killed repeatedly, the game is difficult in some places, particularly the boss fights which don't feature checkpoints so you have to deal enough damage in a single run. There were a few glitches, things that are happening in a part of the level the camera isn't looking at will sometimes act weird, however this isn't really an issue. I would highly recommend this.
<span class="bold">Day of the Tentacle Remastered</span> (PS4)

This game is remake of a point-and-click adventure from 1993.

I played the game on my TV with my PS4, the remastered graphics worked very well and captured perfectly the look and feel of the original art. Using a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse felt a little odd at first, but I quickly got used to it.

The characters are interesting and quite different from each other, which keeps the game varied. I also thought the time-travel aspect of the game was done extremely well.

On the other hand, there were a bit too many cutscenes for my taste. I also found some of the puzzles to be extremely convoluted (with all the different times and items involved).

Overall it’s not the best point-and-click I’ve played but it’s still a lot of fun, and certainly recommended.
Finished Mass Effect. An average RPG / action game in the end as it has quite a lot of flaws (repetitive Mako sequences, average shooting sequences...) . I enjoyed it though.

Full list here.
Finished Leisure Suit Larry reloaded, today.

All in all a good remake. 7/10
<span class="bold">Deponia</span>
(I played the Steam version, I didn’t use the Steam client after downloading the game)

This game is a point-and-click adventure.

The graphics are very nice, as is the voice acting (English version). The protagonist is very funny and I enjoyed his character a lot.

However, I felt that there were way too many cutscenes. There were also some difficult puzzles: some I had problems with because I had to go back and talk to someone again after I thought I had exhausted all the dialogue options, others I found didn’t have enough clues to give me an idea what was required, or it relied on me remembering some clue I had heard days before (real time).

There are also some logic mini-games thrown in, these were OK for the most part, a bit tricky but mostly solvable with some trial-and-error experimentation to figure out how they work. They are also skippable if they’re not your thing.

The game ends on a cliffhanger, as there are (now) 3 more Deponia games after this one.

Overall I’d rate it “OK”, there are better point-and-clicks out there, but there are plenty worse too
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House of 1,000 Doors (Game 1 of Steam Hidden Object Bundle 4-in-1)

This game is total bullshit!!!!! There's like 30 doors tops.

Where are the other 970 doors you promised me?!?! I paid like $0.25 for this game, dammit!

But seriously, it's an old, no frills HOG that plays decently. Mini-games are fine if not particularly hard. Maybe a bit heavy on the hidden-object puzzles (I know, it'a HOG, but still), and a few of the voice actors seem to be mailing it in.

Still, not a bad little game on the whole if you like the genre.
In the meanwhile I was able to finish Tales of Xillia 2 on my PS3 with two different endings.

First, I have reached the "Bad Ending" And as a bonus, I got the Chromatus Control trophy, for not using the transformation skill after Chapter 13, as well.

After that, I have reached True Ending. It took me over 60 hours to reach the end credits. Unfortunatelly I was unable to defeat the final boss on Hardest Difficulty as all others, so I had to lower it for this last fight. Only 2 more Trophies to go - Game is now 88% cmplete.

What I really like about japanese games and movies is, that they know how to make proper sad endings, which you still enjoy, because they make sense in the way how the story unfolds. Actually ToX 2 had no happy story ending at all :-D If you want to see happy end, you have to go deeply into post-game and finish a lot of optional content. I still have to pay off 14.5 million of Gald out of my debt to see again the obligatory spa ending (another typical japanese thing, which I like about their games :-D)

I am having much less time compared to 2016, and my backlog is growing big. Especially my GOG backlog. I am slowly trying to finish my older games, and in between few gaming session with newer ones.

My complete list of games finished in 2017
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i finish blue shift mod for half life 1. it was shorter than kosmak but definitely better than metnak (^_^)
Witcher 2
I finished Roche's path on normal difficulty and Iorveth's on hard. And I didn't like either.
The game has an identity crisis, an upside-down difficulty curve, the world is populated mostly by unlikable assholes and I could name dozens of little things that just pissed me off.
The only positive thing I can say about it is that it improved the presentation and the battle system greatly on the first Witcher game; everything else is a clear downgrade in my book.
I realize such an opinion is in the minority, but I won't lie to you, or myself. And I am not ashamed to speak my mind: I didn't have much fun with it.
MMLN: What I really like about japanese games and movies is, that they know how to make proper sad endings, which you still enjoy, because they make sense in the way how the story unfolds.
Movies, maybe. But as games go, I've yet to see a fantasy RPG with a proper sad ending. Fantasy RPG mechanics very often have fuck all to do with the plot, and combat is the main (typically the only) challenge. If I win via a scripted cutscene after sinking a hundred hours, it's uninspired but okay, depending on the presentation. If I lose via a scripted cutscene to something outside the scope of the game, or worse, to something inside the scope of the game that I've successfully handled a thousand times (e.g. a sword wound), I'm going to feel cheated.

(And in a broader sense, any game that expects me to reload when I die can't make me take a scripted loss in stride, and a game that expects me to restart from the beginning has to really deliver when I finally win.)
2016 -

-. Divine Divinity - due to compatibility issue on W10 did not finished
-. System Shock 2 - this is not my cup of coffee, did not finished
0. Tropico Great game, great simulator, unfortunately there is no campaign. I enjoy it much.
1. Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty I recommend anybody who love this kind of game.
2. Bio Menace - demanding platformer from my childhood.
3. Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss - Game which change game industry - should I say more...
4. Gobliiins average adventure game.
5. Deadlight: Director's Cut average platformer, game itself is good, short, linear and easy, but playing on mouse and keyboard was sometimes very unpleasant .
-. Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption Ended in Vienna, this RPG is too linear for me...
6. Flight of the Amazon Queen - adventure full of teen jokes and mostly logical puzzles
-. Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure - Director's Cut Played only from nostalgia...
7. Duke Nukem interesting piece of history, but Bio Menace is better
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Magical Diary: Horse Hall

I liked it. There were some interesting stories and well written characters. Also a lot of choices and it felt like they really matter. Have to do more playthroughs to find out what happens when I make other decisions. It's just a shame that they never made a sequel or an expansion.

The only thing that I didn't like was the background music which really got on my nerves in several scenes (while it was fine in others). Had to turn it down to be able to enjoy the game.

Complete list of finished game in 2017
I just finished this little gem, Little Nightmares and I must say that I loved every minute of it. This game is a must buy for people who likes to play games with perfect atmosphere, or for people who liked Inside.
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Games completed so far this year:

Clive Barker's Undying
Her Story
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
Dead Space
Battlefield Hardline
Crysis 3
Alien Isolation
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Black Mesa
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
The Evil Within
Fran Bow
Lifeless Planet
Quantum Break
Resident Evil 7
Shadow Warrior
STAR WARS Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
STAR WARS The Force Unleashed
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