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mrcrispy83: so is anyone going to be creating a topic for 2015?
I could start one in about 30mins if you all can wait that long ;-) New Year is starting in ~5mins, I need to be afk for a while :D
Ghorpm: You are welcome and thanks for a nice review of CLARC! I think I'll play this game soon!
Thanks for reading, I'm quite certain you will enjoy CLARC a lot, I'm also quite certain it won't pose much of a challenge to you considering you made it all the way through Prelogate in one piece. Not sure if I have the persistence to finish that one, it's a good game just like you said and cleverly designed but perhaps a bit too dry and purist/minimalist for my taste. Started easy enough but then I got stuck in the first quarter already, it was smooth sailing and then I hit a spike and decided to give the game a break. I'm switching between a couple dozen games at the same time so I only finish about 3 games a month at the most and leave a lot of stuff unfinished (in the case of Torchlight out of pure spite)

mrcrispy83: so is anyone going to be creating a topic for 2015?
moonshineshadow: I could start one in about 30mins if you all can wait that long ;-) New Year is starting in ~5mins, I need to be afk for a while :D
Sure why not, someone "has" to do it anyway so if you want to go ahead I guess that's perfectly fine, thanks in advance!
It's quite a bit of work though to add all the people but we'll give you mana if you do it :)
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New thread is live ;-)
Hitman Absolution (Umpteenth time - I still love it even though it is not really a true Hitman game)
Saints Row The Third (As wacky as the 2D GTA's)
Magicka + DLC's (I just loved the game I could not stop with it)
Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine (Blood and guts everywhere)
Walking Dead Season 1\
Walking Dead 400 Days } (Best games of the year for me. I really experienced emotion when playing them)
Walking Dead Season 2/
Spec Ops The Line (Fun and grim, an odd combination)
X-Com Enemy Within (Second best game of the year)
Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team (Ummm.... was okay)
Swords And Soldiers
Sleeping Dogs (I really want to go back and play it form the beginning again)
Mini Ninjas
The Wolf Among Us (Good, but not as good as The Walking Dead. I still want a season 2 though)

DEFCON (a resounding win against the machine)
Broken Sword I Shadow of the Templars
Broken Sword II - The Smoking Mirror
Broken Sword III - The Sleeping Dragon (Worst of the bunch by a long way)
Broken Sword IV - The Angel of Death (Actually not so far behind)
Broken Sword V - The Serpent's Curse (Nice puzzles and story, but was too drawn out at times)
The Ballads of Reemus: When The Bed Bites
Democracy 3 + 3 DLC (UK with an ongoing seat with ~98% wins, slow but sure economic growth, and no need for any real input)
Papers Please (Incredibly hard. Took over a month to really get into the swing of it)
Waking Mars

Fallout 3 + Broken Steal
Hard Reset
(Like Serious Sam, or Painkiller)

DLC Quest (Short, but sweet. I think it should be available here)
Gratuitous Space Battles
Last Knight
(Really fun)
Rainy Day

Super Hexagon (I last more then a minute)
Funky Smugglers

Honorable mentions for time spent (excess of months)
One Finger Death Punch
Prison Architect
I managed to get a few in before the ball drops!

Battalion Wars - I had played through about half of this game before, but for whatever reason, I never managed to finish it. I thought it was a great and unique game. I'm kicking myself for not picking up the sequel, now I'll have to try and scrape up a nice used copy somewhere.
Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth - I always wanted to rent this game back in high school, but I had so many other N64 games I wanted to play, so it never happened. I had to shell out some cash for this one, but it was a really fun game. It's too bad it only took like an hour to beat, but at least it's highly replayable :P
Spoiler Alert - I beat this game with 100% completion in less than an hour, but it was fun. I think I paid like $1 for it in a previous sale and it was definitely worth it. It was simplistic, short, but fun.
ChuChu Rocket! - I bought this game the day it came out and I just now finished all of the single player puzzles! I got stuck on one back in high school and mainly played multiplayer anyways. It's such a shame they never gave this game a sequel.
Arc the Lad - I rolled through this game in like 2.5 days and it was EXACTLY what I was in the mood for. It's fairly short for a JRPG (about 13 hours), but I loved the combat system. It reminded me of a faster paced Shining Force. I'm a little scared of the sequel since it's supposed to be significantly longer, but the first game is really just a prologue, so I'm gonna have to try it at some point!

Full List
Full List + Details
Boo Bunny Plague. Boo Bunny Plague is a neat musical comedy action game that was released this year. The gameplay is simple (you run around and whack things with guitars) but the music and comedy are both highly entertaining if you can appreciate Adult Swim-ish randomly insane style humor.

Without the music and comedy it would be a average to below average game, as there isn't much depth anywhere, you're basically shuttled from boss to boss with some random goons thrown in-between and you swing the aforementioned guitars at them (while occasionally using a shield).

The boss battles themselves are decent enough, each boss is unique in both character and fighting technique. You'll be up against some notable mythology characters including Thor and Loki, each has been re-imagined slightly to suit the style of the game. You'll also be up against vikings, lots and lots of vikings, giant ice creatures and a secretary.

The levels themselves are as varied as the bosses, you fight in space, the parking lot of a space diner, Hell, a library, a sports dome and a few other places.

It uses a checkpoint style save system which caused the biggest headache for me. One level has you taking on four bosses with each fight taking at least five minutes, however there is no hard checkpoint in between. Basically that means if you die in an encounter then you just restart at that boss, but if you exit the game when you start it up again you'll have to start all the way back at the first boss' goons again.

As a musical comedy the music is really well done with some of the songs being obvious takes on classic songs/bands (an example being a very AC/DC-ish song that plays during a boss battle). The genres are varied from heavy metal, to rap, to a bit of pop. The actual performances are well performed and enjoyable and I can see myself listening to the soundtrack (which is included with the Deluxe version).

The writing and story are great (for what the game is), Boo Bunny Plague is not at all mature but it is funny and generally entertaining (if you're into the (Adult Swim) style of comedy it presents.

It's a short game, you can probably easily finish it in one sitting, I myself completed 75% of it in one sitting and I'm not sure if it has any replay value unless you want to find a couple of collectables.

In closing it's simple and basic in gameplay but overall a ton of fun, and that's what matters the most. It's not my 2014 Game Of The Year but it's definitely the runner up.
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Finished Transistor not long ago.

Transistor was a bit strange. Unfortunately i'm biased to love it because i got the OST music and listened to it long before i played the game. Regardless...

Upsides :)
Excellent and varied combat both active and paused/turn based.

Skills/abilities are heavily customizable. Each ability can be used in 1 of three ways: Active, Upgrade, Passive. Active abilities can have up to 2 upgrades. Very good system.

Excellent lovable narrator (in the sword). I especially love how the enemies get labeled as he gives them names like Jerk :P He also talks quite a bit at cutscenes and while at terminals or looking up lore for the game. Quite interesting.

Awesome music. Doesn't sound like video game music most of the time.

Excellent graphics, both in battle and the world in general, even in the back door with the beach.


Confusing story. Red loses her voice, guy loses his body, the city is empty (evacuated), the Process is taking over and...The ending was sad and yet made no sense, while at the same time making perfect sense. Since there's no alternate endings (beyond losing) that takes out the fun for any replaying on my side.

Short, the game is only like 4 hours long. Yeah you can replay it via recursion... You can also beef up the process's difficulty, but i didn't.

All in all, i'd still recommend playing it or getting it when it comes to GoG.
And my year in gaming comes to an anticlimactic end with Dragon Fantasy, a mediocre "retro RPG" on the PSN. Obnoxiously slow gameplay, obnoxous random encounter rate, totally unexceptional when it isn't below average, crap plot ("No, see, old JPRG usually had pretty bad stories, so when our story sucks, it's an homage to" yeh yeh whatever, intentionally uninteresting is still uninteresting at the end of the day.)

Final list here.

I did not accomplish all, or even most, of my gaming goals this year. I can't really quantify that, since the post where I listed the games I wanted to beat is lost forever thanks to the forums's horrible excuse for a search engine, but I know I wanted to play Broken Sword IV, for example, which didn't happen. I did finish both Icewind Dale games, which I remember were on the list, and made some inroads into my JRPG backlog, as well as finally finishing off some of those $1 indie games from the various bundles I bought and some of my PSN backlog. It is what it is, I guess.
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Last of 2014

Ratchet and Clank 2

already have another for 2015

Final List
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woo! finished GTA V yesterday, it actually has a much better story than what I originally thought it would have.
Finished 'Of Orcs and Men' yesterday.

The negatives
- there's hardly any loot in the game
- you can't interact with the environment around you (objects), even in stealth gameplay
- some of the terminology threw me off... I mean 'psychic rape' !?

It was a linear game, but I already knew that before buying the game.

The positives
+ a lengthy campaign of about 30 hrs
+ the combat mechanic was addictive to me, I thought it was unique
+ I liked how the two main characters were portrayed, their personalities and such
+ the storyline felt unique among Fantasy games
+ the music was good; atmospheric with mostly acoustic instruments
+ the character ability options were interesting, and obviously inspired by WoW

What makes this game stand out is the tactical nature of the combat and the abilities you can use.
Each character has three combat boxes to put points in: offense abilities, defense abilities, and special abilities.
There are 8 different choices in the Offence box, and another 8 in the Defense. The Special abilities box has 6 choices, where 2 are default and the others become unlocked later in the game.

What is cool is that only 2 abilities, out of 22, are shared between the characters, the rest are unique to each character. You can also upgrade an existing ability, where you are given two alternative choices and can only pick one, for example; make the effect of the ability last longer, or increase the radius of the effect so it hits more enemies.
You also get to level-up standard things like health, critical hits, dodge etc.

The way combat works is that you stack orders to your two guys, up to four at the time. This had a nice effect on the gameplay as you try different combinations and tactical approaches. And knowing how to use the design of the environment against the enemy became a crucial tactical factor later on in the game.
This is a 'trial and error' type game, which will naturally lead to frustration, but hey if the Souls games get praised for it, why not games like this ?

The other unique thing was the angle of the storyline, as here you play the 'bad guys' of most Fantasy games, an Orc and a Goblin. The Orc is on a missions to overthrow their human oppressors, the Goblin is his guide.

There is a sequel to this game 'Styx: Master of Shadows', which I haven't played yet but hope to get to this year.
The problem is that you can only get it through Steam on PC, and XboxOne and PS4 on console (I have neither).
I had a very poor year for completing games... Don't know why, but it was very slow. Anyways, the complete list:

Bioshock 2
Final Fantasy VIII
Mass Effect 1
Escape the Museum (DS)
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
Titan Quest (+ Immortal Throne)
Max Payne 3
Ys I: Vanished Omens
Ys II: The Final Chapter

And that's it. Pretty pitiable - Especially when you consider that I started everything from Titan Quest onwards in the second half of December. (And completed Ys II at 11:57pm New Years Eve)...
My last finished game was Maximo (Playstation Store)

It was good at first and second world-stages but then it's keeping harder and harder on each stages. A lot of quickdeaths on some platforming stages and checkpoints are usually far away. Good thing that the levels are short. You get some bonus items on your sword, armor and shield and Maximo get too some skills to use. Save system was awkward, you must collect 100 coins before you can save your progress. Boss battles were okay expect that final boss which was the most annoying bitch of the game. Still good platform game even by it's bad parts.
I beat this one on New Year's Eve :)

Spud's Quest is apparently a homage to the Dizzy games, which I've heard about but never played so I can't speak to whether it's a faithful update or not, but I can say that it's a well-made platforming/puzzle game that drew me right in and kept me playing through to the end. The graphics and music are quite nice and the controls mostly handle well. Some of the puzzles can be a bit on the obtuse side and end up being "use every object in a row to see what works", and there are a couple of platforming sections in which you have to take blind jumps to see where you'll land, but I'd say it's worth checking out. It's just a cute, charming game.
Final list. It was a decent year for gaming. Having a good Android phone helped add a few games in there :)

1. Splinter Cell Blacklist - sucked
2. Assassin's Creed 4 - awesome
3. Aliens Colonial Marines - sucked but was OK playing coop with a friend
4. Borderlands 2 - awesome especially in coop with a friend
5. Broken Age - weak
6. Crysis 2 - meh
7. Shelter - nice
8. Arcanum - awesome for the Nth time
9. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - game was OK but overhyped by friends
10. Redshirt - a decent time waste
11. Vector (Android) - nice, only on a phone, wouldn't play it on PC
12. XCOM Enemy Unknown (Android) - LOVE IT! - I have about 300 hours on Steam in this game so...
13. Knights of Pen and Paper(Android) - nice
14. XCOM Enemy Within - LOVE IT!
15. Smugglers V - decent time waste but highly repetitive and a bit to much RNG at times
16. Divinity: Original Sin - Amazing!
17. XCOM Enemy Unknown - LOVE IT!
18. Heroes VI - first 2 campains - decent
19. Gunpoint - nice
20. Assassin's Creed V - sucked

And about 20 more started games but not finished :)