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So far I have finished the Walking Dead, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Dishonored.
South Park: The Stick of Truth

Quite good game. I'm not sure how they could've made a South Park game better. It really felt like an interactive TV episode. There are references to about every episode and as a fan, I liked that. It was nice to be able to explore the city by myself. The game was also the perfect length: any longer, and the battles could have become too repetitive. The game was quite easy though - pretty much smooth sailing from beginning to end. The game was also super laggy for me: it might be that my computer's slowly giving up though, so can't say for sure. Also, a minor annoyance was that the game told me the input key for farting in combat (it's South Park...what do you expect) is F, when in reality it was W. I did not change that binding manually, so that's definitely an error. Anyway, it's easy to recommend this game for anyone familiar with the series. Newcomers might not get half of what's going on.
jacobek: snip
Someone get this guy out of here.
sebarnolds: I remember playing up to the alien spaceships but don't really remember anything after that, are there many levels after those ?

I might have to restart that great game one of these days...
Cavalary: If you mean the second spaceship phase, after the wacky world, that's the end, levels 34-37.
I don't think I made it to a second spaceship... I'll have to start it again to check :)
Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's Odyssey (4th June 11:40pm)

Gosh this is a weirdly awesome game. The story is whacked out, some of the designs are wacky (carrot people, bees people etc) and the music is still amazing.

The only problem I had was the camera

PS What is with the Kiss guy?
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Finished my second run of Dark Souls. This was actually one I had started a while back, but it was right after I had finished it the first time. By the time I defeated Ornstein and Smough, I needed a break. I was a sorcerer this time, and at SL 78, my Intelligence was 50, so I could deal quite a bit of damage. This run was far, far easier than my first one. As long as I could avoid taking damage, which wasn't too hard since I kept my equip load low, I could waste the bosses. The Four Kings proved fairly easy after I got into the groove of recognizing their attacks, and that was the hardest boss for me in my first run.

It was really fun. I may start up another character; I want to try a high strength, high vitality, and high endurance build (commonly referred to as a tank, I believe) since it would offer a significantly different experience compared to my other two builds that were more focused on decent damage and high mobility.
Just now finished Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, and I have to say I'm quite surprised at how much fun I had with it. Sure, the mining can get tedious fairly quickly, but there are so many ways to pick up cash that you don't really have to mine much after the first little bit of the game. Managed to rake in several million and keep upgrading my ship either through buying blueprints or finding some good upgrades at space stations. By the end I had a pretty awesome vessel and could take on a horde of pirates without having to break much of a sweat. No where near the depth of the older games like Freelancer and the like, but still a damned decent game and quite fun.
Just finished The Witcher. I liked it in general but I didn't feel like it was as good as some people think it is.

The Prologue was really good and set up a nice solid quest for the rest of the game. The for the first 4 chapters of the main game that quest felt practically like a side quest. Just dragged things out too much until you remember there's actually something you were supposed to do in chapter 5 and the epilogue, which - while epic - were pretty short and linear. Chapter 4 was particularly bad. It wasn't really all that long compared to 2 & 3, but if 2 or so important tidbits got shifted to chapter 3 or 5 you could've dropped the whole thing and it wouldn't have mattered at all. I guess you could say the same thing about chapter 1, but it was at the beginning so I wasn't bored yet.

Combat was fine, though by the end I'd gotten tired of the rhythm game and just stopped using my swords entirely. I just blew everything up with Igni and moved on. Aard I could see being useful as well, but Igni was just so strong I didn't bother. Quen I used in one fight in chapter 5, while the others I just never used at all.

In all honesty I probably could have used a break after finishing Chapter 3 before continuing on. But the way I am I more than likely would've forgotten what I was doing and needed to restart, then repeat. Or just never gotten back to it.

Instead I'm going to take that break before starting Witcher 2. I have zero interest in replaying The Witcher to see the other route(s?), but I do still want to play the sequel and Witcher 3 when it comes out.
Just finished Fable 3. It's a decent RPG with some flaws that make it a not so great experience as it could have been. Most of the flaws are in the form of the menu system and wonky game design that makes navigation much harder than it needed to be. The character interaction is also very dumbed down. All in all if you play it as an "RPG lite" then it's not bad.
Way to Go!
A casual puzzle game for the whole family. It's cute and coulourful and it never gets really hard. I think there were just about 10 out of 240 levels in adventure mode where I was stuck for a while until I finally found the solution. There are several extra modes you unlock and some of them are more interesting than the base game, but altogether all modes are similar.
Way to Go! was nothing that I played for hours without hold, but something that I played when I just had some minutes or when I wanted something relaxing after work.

Thanks again to Verhiem, who gifted me the game!

Complete list of finished games in 2014
I finished The Entertainment yesterday and Act III of Kentucky Route Zero just now. Both were weird, both were fascinating, with Act III explaining some stuff of the interlude. If you haven't played this game yet, do so. It's fantastic. I'm looking forward to the following act and especially to replay everything once every Act is out, to see how the story comes fully together. And to see the things I didn't see on my first playthrough.
Already finished the game last year around may, but I just finished Sine Mora with alternative narration a few weeks ago. I guess you will unlocked it after beat it in challenging difficulty? (Not really remember about that)

I always like this game, such a fresh air to shmup genre with all the modern 3D and polishing visual, not to mention the sexy hungarian voiceover heheh. The story is quite good too, full of twist and a little spice of dark side (love it).
Just finished Adventure Mode in Plants vs Zombies.
Hilarious and extremely entertaining. Was hooked after the first few levels.
This was my first ever (simplified) tower-defense game.
Squash and chili peppers rule! Best part is that it's free on Origin.
Played Myst: Masterpiece Edition again, and Myst: Revelation; Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect (I got to ride off into the West with the trannie), Played all the RHEM games (cheated, though! Those puzzles just aren't intuitive). Just beat Pid (obvs, I am a point-and-click adventure gamer). I think I played more but can't remember.

Gave up on: Last Express. Teeeeedious game.
Sniper Elite V2

I've beaten the game already a couple of times in the past, but while it went free for a limited time, I thought why not go through it again since a lot of others are probably playing it too now. It's a good game, I definitely like it more than the Nazi Zombie Army spinoffs. Fighting against human enemies is just so much more fun than shambling zombies. A couple of levels are pretty annoying, but most levels are not. The sniping action looks brutal: thus very satisfying. A solid 3rd person shooter.