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Metro 2033

Good, despite weird endgame. 10h to pass.

Duke Nukem Forever + Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC

This game was amazing, I really recommend it due to it's playability, lack of boredom and lots of humour. 13h including dlc. There are milions of haters of this game but don't believe them.
The Secret of Monkey Island

I finally be able to play this master piece ! Right now Monkey Island 2 is my top-priority game to get ;-)
Nightmares of the Deep: The Cursed Heart

This is the first complete Hidden Object Game I've played, so I don't know how it compares to others, but I enjoyed it overall. Had some beautiful art, too bad the videos were lower res.
Finished Papers, Please about three times :D
Seems I barely finish a game a month :s

Just done with Thomas was Alone, which I enjoyed quite a bit, it just has a nice vibe to it even if the puzzles are simple and the characters not quite as enticing as I'd have hoped, loooved the music though.

Zafehouse : Diaries classic mode, after maybe a dozen runs I ended up with all survivors alive, getting along perfectly, waiting for the chopper in a police station with enough ammo to kill the zombie crowds which felt very anticlimatic and that one needs dumb luck to win :p

The Longest Journey, back in April, probably the best good old adventure game here, having played it at release and now for the second time I had a lot of "nostalgic" moments just faintly remembering places and characters, and wishing the journey wouldn't end, such a magical game...

Unmechanical, ehhh, it felt short and still overstaying its welcome.

Jelly no Puzzle, I'm not much into pure puzzle games but this was addictive and so tough, I felt equally satisfied about solving some levels as I felt bad looking up the walkthrough for some. It's free too, give it a go!

Karateka felt so repetitive I went through 2 endings out of 3 in 1-2h and never felt the need to touch again.

XCOM : Enemy Unknown made me pay for DLC (granted, it was 70% off or something) because after 50h in I want to play it a third time. I never played the old games but it hit the sweet spot between accessibility and depth for me.

Costume Quest made me think of Paper Mario, Pixar movies and what it could have been like to celebrate Halloween as a kid. Very basic, got bored of combat but stayed for the charm.

Sleeping Dogs was a lot of fun, admittedly it's the first openworld/sandbox game I play since 10+years but I was surprised at how much there was to do and how much of it was actually good. Story-wise it doesn't take itself too seriously but still was decent. The atmosphere helps a lot too, great soundtrack and HK is a great setting.
Nightmare in Northpoint DLC I could have skipped happily, not so good... Goofy story with very repetitive fights.
Year of the Snake DLC was better, some more original missions (teargas ftw!) and felt a bit more thought out.
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 (PC) - SP Campaign is done, after around 10 hours w/ it.

Added it to my list:
Recettear - It took me 3 loops to pay the debt. Fun game.

updated my list
Adding to the list - Saints Row 2. Well, that was fun. Moving on to Saints Row The Third.

Full list this way, if someone cares.
Gemini Rue

It's a fantastic game, one of the best Point & Click I've ever played ! Great story, great atmosphere, great characters, great old school graphics.
I just finished Fallout.

The game took me 16 hours, which is quite a bit shorter than I remember it but I didn't kept track of my playtime back then.
I don't know how often I've replayed this great game. Fallout must be one of the RPGs with the best replay value that I've played.

2013 List
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Dotur: I just finished Fallout.

The game took me 16 hours, which is quite a bit shorter than I remember it but I didn't kept track of my playtime back then.
I don't know how often I've replayed this great game. Fallout must be one of the RPGs with the best replay value that I've played.
What the... I just came here to report I'd just finished Fallout too!
It was my first ever play though - bless me!
The Special combat system is really enjoyable considering all its really doing to slowing shooting a bunch of stuff down, The plot is really interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how the world grows in the other 4 games in the series
I liked the way the quests and task had multiple solutions and some were quite adventure-like but I found the quest structure a bit disjointed at times and content a bit sparse
Good overall though!

Full list:
Deus Ex: Invisible War. I was careful with this game. Liking Deus Ex as much as I do, I started this game with low expectations while also playing it, not as a sequel to Deus Ex, but its own game. Even if I hadn't, though, I don't think I would have been to disappointed with it. It is nowhere near as bad as I'd been lead to believe (even viewing it as a sequel to Deus Ex). That said, it wasn't even close to being and incredible game. The plot moved a bit too quickly, and sudden reveals and twists lacked punched, partially do to the story's presentation, but also due to the voice acting. I don't know why, but most of the time the voice acting just seems rushed and uninspired. That's not to say that it's bad, it just lacks... substance, I guess? I had a hard time getting sucked into the story because of it. I felt like I was just drifting through the plot as an observer rather than the integral character that I was supposed to be. Also, the universal ammo sucked.

Still, I enjoyed it enough to play it again some time. It won't stick with me like Deus Ex did, but that doesn't make it a terrible game.
Batman Arkham Asylum
Just finished Stealth Bastard Deluxe.
Absolutely brilliant. Tight controls. Great soundtrack. Ending is awesome, sad and hilarious all at once.
Ah, Hotline Miami beaten! Good game, great soundtrack.

But my backlog still grows, just bought the introversion Humble Bundle (Darwinia und Multiwinia are new).