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Once the Ghoul is no longer a problem (either destroyed or back under control), Calad glances at those moving farther into the tunnel, but decides to first cautiously float to the right doorway and peer in, at the buttons.
"Would be too easy if we also had a starting point," he observes. "Is it who eats who or who's eaten by whom? Start with Fly or with Cat? I'd personally vote for Fly," he adds, addressing the others in the room, "but you took the risks to come in here first, so it's your show. Unless you need me to do something from up here, I'll see what's going on ahead."
After that, unless some other crisis presented itself, he even more cautiously floats farther into the tunnel, staying high off the ground, bending if needed to avoid hitting the ceiling, listening for a few moments for anyone shouting at him to return.

18 - Cavalary - Calad - Elf Mage
Cardan - Half Orc Berserker

Cardan sees big mushrooms, Cardan thinks they nice friends, and now with new little mushroom pet, Cardan happier! Now Cardan will follow and wait for non-Half Orc little friends to open door so Cardan can find some nice shinies, or maybe more things for Cardan's greataxe to make into lots of small pieces.
Fognino, Goblin Shaman, watches Godbran Helloburger, who apparently still hasn't seen him. Let's see what this eye will bring...
Hearing quite a lot of commotion and screaming outside of this mushroom room, Valius is quite pleased that he decided to stick around. But not wanting his invisibility to wear off, he decides to cautiously and quietly venture towards the eye-slit door the halfling thief discovered, avoiding bumping into anything or anyone along the way, and waits to see what awaits further beyond.

Valius, Elven Battlemage
12 - Garethianopolisian - Half Orc Ranger

Me smells Orc dinner, mouth water. Me walk slowly towards the smell. me careful not make sound
[47 Raybur Wolfsktaa - Male Dwarven Cleric]

"SHIELD TO HEAD CURES UNDEAD" sounds loudly across the cavern ... Raybur has to recognizes that lad has talent!

He regret to not have struck down the foul creature when he had the chance, he briefly consider to go back in order to end that un(life) for good but then he notices others have exited the left room to deal with the foul creature and decides they will be able to deal with it appropiately, he will take care of healing anyone who got injuried afterwards.
He can see Garethianopolisian on the other side of the tunnel advancing slowly, not as skilled as a ranger in remaining undetected Raybur hope the shadows and his short height will help him to remain concealed.

*Raybur will advance very slowly bending on his knees and careful not to make any sound trying to stay in the shadows (while of course checking for traps) he will stop as soon as he can see the orcs in order to prepare an ambush (two spell in succession) for the next turn. [Is it allowed Doc?]
In case he or Garethianopolisian get detected (and in case Garethianopolisian is detected the orcs turn hostile towards him) he will (Moradin helps him) cast a sound burst on the nearest orcs trying to hit the greatest number of them hoping to slow down their advance.*
Trid: 17 - Tridris - Drow Necromancer

Looking around I'm saying to my "friends" so no other people can hear it.

"Hmm, so I'm guessing we assuming that this buttons open the door, and the statues are probably guarding the chest, are the door and chest related to each other? *looking at Daniel* Good we have some one who, in theory, should know something about that kind of things, don't you agree Gold? *while smiling a little I'm continuing* Oh well, in worst case scenario we already have some meat shield standing near the chest, not that I'm suggesting anything"

I'm also looking around if the symbols from the buttons are appearing somewhere else in the room and for any other clues.
46 - Gold - Goblin Ranger
I think you're right but we have to see if there are more clues in the room because a wrong combination of the buttons can lead to some something terrible.
I will also look closely at the room to see if there are any clues.
62 - Thelis - Human Ranger, with the bow ready, decides to wait a bit to see how the things will unfold in the two rooms.
ariaspi: 62 - Thelis - Human Ranger, with the bow ready, decides to wait a bit to see how the things will unfold in the two rooms.
You have some special power, looking and listening through walls?
Can't be no regular ranger then...must be one of the Dúnedain?!
ariaspi: 62 - Thelis - Human Ranger, with the bow ready, decides to wait a bit to see how the things will unfold in the two rooms.
BranjoHello: You have some special power, looking and listening through walls?
Can't be no regular ranger then...must be one of the Dúnedain?!
No. Just high perception, and probably very good reflexes.
Daniel - Human Thief

After a thorough inspection of the buttons, Tridris concluded that there may be a relation between the chest and the buttons and suggested that I am the most capable to inspect the chest in search for that connection. Feeling the need to address the elephant in the room, I respond:

"As a matter of fact, I actually intended to inspect the chest and the statues, but given the fact that that halfling over there intends to potentially activate a trap, I don't feel like getting closer to them is a good idea right now..."

In an attempt to reason with the crazed halfling, I call to them and say:

"Hey there, Sir Halfing! Do you realize that you may end up getting killed if you try to open that chest? So what do you think about instead of attempting to use that trap against us, something which could potentially backfire, you help us with this puzzle so that we can all get out of this room alive?"
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** TURN 6 **

Eastern tunnel:

18 - Cavalary - Calad - Elf Mage casts levitate on himself and rises to the ceiling. Then with a shouted warning he uses his wand of acid arrows on the ghoul.
*rolls dice* The ghoul lets out an unholy howl as it collapses to the ground melting under the onslaught.

17 - Tridris - Drow Necromancer suggests the thief does his job and find out how everything in the room is connected. Tridris muses that there is a meat shield stood by the chest anyway.
You look to see if the symbols by the buttons are repeated elsewhere in the room but it appears not.
The only clue seems to be the etching on the door.

44 - Franziskan - Human Cleric bashes the now lifeless ghoul in the head with your shield while shouting "SHIELD TO HEAD CURES UNDEAD". While the ghoul had already been killed by the acid arrows you still feel better for that.

53 - Krssl Kssk - Drow Necromancer shouts "Sorry team!" and moves to regain control of his ghoul. *rolls dice* He narrowly avoids the acid arrows from above and looks on in annoyance as his ghoul is slain.

6 - Pater Alf - Half Orc Warrior sees ghoul killed once by acid arrows. Then again by having its head bashed in with a shield. Pater Alf kills it a third time, hacking it with his axe. Feeling clever you head up the tunnel.

23 - Godbran Helloburger - Halfling Thief thanks the Mycanids for clearing the room. You remember an Elf turning invisible in the confusion but are not sure where he went.
Curiously you approach the new door, there is an eye slit but it opens from the other side. After checking for traps, you knock on the door twice. A Mycanid blew some spores into your face as you left its room.
The eye slit slams back and you are looked up and down by two humanoid eyes (you cannot see anything else of who is on the other side).
You hear a voice speaking a strange language that you somehow can understand "What you want ickle hairless Dwarf?" One of the Half Orcs approaches behind you, the voice shouts "ORC! You is traitor Goblin-kin, Dwarf!"
The eye slit slams shut and you can hear many feet gathering behind the door.

49 - Zazz - Goblin Berserker moves along the tunnel towards the delicious smell.

18 - Cavalary - Calad - Elf Mage peers in the right doorway and makes a suggestion about the buttons before cautiously moving along the tunnel, staying near the ceiling.

8 - Cardan - Half Orc Berserker you are filled with joy at having a new pet. You follow the little thief to the new door. The little man is talking to the door which replies in a language you don't understand.

11 - Fognino - Goblin Shaman watches the Halfling thief who seems to be unaware of his presence.

31 - Valius - Elven Battlemage waits by the door with the eye slit, unseen as he is invisible. He hears the voice but doesn't understand the language. He can also hear the gathering of many behind the door.

12 - Garethianopolisian - Half Orc Ranger carefully walks towards the source of the yummy smell. You reach the end of the tunnel where a large metal door blocks your way. Several voices using the Orc tongue can be heard behind the door.
Your tummy rumbles. You lick the door to try to taste the food on the other side.

47 - Raybur Wolfsktaa - Dwarven Cleric regrets having left an evil creature like a Ghoul behind him but there are plenty of companions there to deal with it.
You advance along the tunnel slowly in the shadows until you reach a large metal door that the Half Orc has stopped in front of. The Half Orc licks the door.
You get ready to cast a spell if needed.

46 - Gold - Goblin Ranger searches the right room for extra clues but the only one seems to be the etching on the door.

62 - Thelis - Human Ranger with bow ready you stand between the two rooms waiting to see how things unfold.

7 - Daniel - Human Thief inspects the buttons and would also like to have a proper look at the chest. The worry of the mad Halfling triggering a trap on the chest forces you to keep your distance.
You call out to the Halfling to help with the puzzle rather than risk triggering a trap.
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Me reaches the end of the tunnel and knocks on the metal door: "Open up, orc fellows. Hungry comrades wait here!"

Pater Alf - Half-Orc Warrior
53 - Krssl Kssk - Drow Necromancer

Looks down at the acid eaten ghoul and shakes his head in disgust. "Really Paul, you need to work on your listening skills." Krssl then turns around and heads further down the main tunnel, matching Pater's pace.
39 Misery halfling berserker
considers what was said and goes to investigate a statue