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46 - Gold - Goblin Ranger
I caught the silver spear.
To me something useful to use in the future.
And I say to Tridris: "How about we take a look at this new tunnel?"

*New items since the start: the belt of Ogre strength (given by Tridris) and silver spear (caught of chest -->now)*
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12 - Garethianopolisian - Half Orc Ranger

Me go stand a few feet behind Pater Alf. Me put axe away. Me switch to longbow and Draw one arrow, ready to shoot if green hand attacks

*Nothing new
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49 - Zazz - Goblin Berserker

Zazz notices the large green hand and the Half-orcs preparing for battle. Battle axes drawn, he inches closer to the door.

OOC: Starting equipment list has not changed.
[47 Raybur Wolfsktaa - Male Dwarven Cleric]

Casted "Find traps" on turn 1.
No new items.

I step a few feets back (just to avoid Peter Alf falling on me) trying to remain hidden, strengthening the grip on my fire imbued morning star.
Fast as lighning, Fognino runs as silently and hidden as only Goblins can towards the opening door, inviting Cardan to do the same. Whatever's inside, now it's time to act, before the reidents close the door again.

Fognino, Goblin Shaman
[Mainly just posting as requested for the update.]
Waiting as silently and motionlessly as possible, paying close attention to what's happening ahead, or at least to what the movements of those I can see can give away, as I'm likely too far to see details of what's going on at the metal door. Since Franziskan's comment seemed to be more of a musing, not an actual call, and the update mentioned me likely not hearing it, at the moment I'm going to assume that either there was no call at all or I didn't hear it. If there was a call, though, wonder what Thelis' high perception would make of it as he passed by (or, more exactly, under).

18 - Cavalary - Calad - Elf Mage
Spells cast: Levitate - Cast: Turn 6; Expires: Turn 10
Items: None gained, none lost, no consumables used
Franziskan Human Cleric
No new equipment
2/12 spell castings