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We often receive questions and messages asking how we are doing as a team, company, store, and platform. That is why we decided to give you a bit more insight into our operations and last year’s results.

Last year was a very challenging time for all of us due to the ongoing global pandemic. Since March 2020, our team continues to work remotely from homes, which is not always easy. Having that in mind, we’re even more proud and happy to share these facts and numbers with you.

[Full image]

It’s a new format for us to share data like this and we’d appreciate hearing your impressions, comments, and suggestions.
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WinterSnowfall: That customer satisfaction rating though... clearly not measured on the forums, that much I can tell you.
I can believe 93% support satisfaction.

The forums will be skewed to people who have had bad experiences - people tend to only post when things go wrong. You don't get someone starting a thread going "I had a problem with (e.g.) Cyberpunk, I contacted support, followed their instructions and now it's fixed".

ssling: Maybe people abusing the system, as unlike on Steam and others you can still keep the game after refund? Although I don't know why would anyone bother instead of just pirate it.
Possibly, although as you say, why would you bother when you could just do the other thing? Perhaps they feel it isn't as wrong as piracy (even though I'd say it really is)
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Now...give us Galaxy for Linux ^^
I don't think to use It but no more excuse for No Galaxy=No Linux build from dev.
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〇一〇: *snip*
Good to know but its weird that it hasn't been banned there though.
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Echoing the request for concrete numbers to put on the "many messages from gamers" and the downloads of the backup offline installers explicitly through the website.
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CP2077 driven data but hey, numbers going up are numbers going up, nobody can deny that.
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So, all users will not be able to buy and play Devotion because of "some players" included in those 6% from Asia said so? Is that correct?
I've often wondered how the platform was doing many times. But after looking through those statistics, I have faith that it's in good hands. Just keep being the best DRM-Free platform you can be as I am looking at a bright future ahead of you guys and can't wait to see what's yet to come.
ShadowWulfe: What the hell is bilibili?
A Chinese video streaming/sharing and entertainment platform.
Here's an interesting read:
Well done, GOG.

I would like to see stats for operative systems, age cohorts, genre, and multiplayer vs singleplayer. Although the article provides heavy hints on most of those.

The impression is that, even if it must have been straining for the staff, financially it seems to have been a good year. People playing games while in quarantine and all that.

May GOG keep the good traits and stay rocking well into the second half of the XXI century and whatnot.
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Gog left a sour taste in my mouth after the bending to China, the excuse that "gamers" wanted the game to be removed and that you have no regulations to force developers to actually update their game. Many gog titles are missing updates or are completely abandoned, such as Maid of Sker, which is missing all of the 3 major updates that fixed the game and added a new mode.
Is Russia (one of the places that qualifies for a language-specific forum) considered European or Asian here?
zlaywal: Asia only contribute 6% of the sales, wonder why?
No regional currency, no local payment support. no cash cards.

Valve talked about this in their 36:09
Bravo GOG! Keep going!

All the best to you!

Not a single mention of DRM on the page.

Thanks for posting in the foruns and not only Fb/Teewter.
Dark_art_: Not a single mention of DRM on the page.
Of course not.