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We often receive questions and messages asking how we are doing as a team, company, store, and platform. That is why we decided to give you a bit more insight into our operations and last year’s results.

Last year was a very challenging time for all of us due to the ongoing global pandemic. Since March 2020, our team continues to work remotely from homes, which is not always easy. Having that in mind, we’re even more proud and happy to share these facts and numbers with you.

[Full image]

It’s a new format for us to share data like this and we’d appreciate hearing your impressions, comments, and suggestions.
Cyberpunk had almost 4% of its sales in South America, so I was curious to know the exact percentage of Brazil at GOG. I believe it must be around 2%.

Great graph, folks. I loved the transparency. Keep doing this. I am also very happy for your growth <3
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Dark_art_: Not a single mention of DRM on the page.
patrikc: Of course not.
GOG operates on the Nixon Principle - when it's on GOG, that means that it's not DRM.
jaja que honor ser del grupo de los "other"
Breja: GOG operates on the Nixon Principle - when it's on GOG, that means that it's not DRM.
Let us travel back to 2014.
We advise you to hold on to something, because the trip back will be rough.
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That's what I have been saying since the mid-1990s :p
Maxvorstadt: And most GOG users prefer RPGs. :-)
To such statistics should be treated with caution - you should understand that the choice is often forced: for example, in the catalog store almost no AAA-shooters (a very popular genre). And since there aren't any, they won't be on the list of popular genres. Not because the genre is not popular among players, but because there are few (modern) games of this genre here.
The same goes for example for racing games: it's easier to say that they're not here at all. So they don't affect the distribution of preferences by genre. Forza ... , NFS, Assetto Corsa,, F1, Project CARS, Street Legal Racing: Redline, etc.
And those are just a few examples. And it affects the result radically.
Love the data you published and great to see the growth year after year, you deserve it. Congrats and keep going GOG!
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A bunch of overly simplistic numbers to pat yourselves on the back with doesn't make you a good company.

Still waiting for you to own up to your false blame and lies... but your stats are clearly designed to ignore the forum and the growing mistrust and dissatisfaction with your services. You're never going to man up are you GOG?

Also where's the percentage of games with DRM statistic? That's been rising too you know.
The data looks cool, It's not detailed in any way, though, I would prefer to take a look at something more comprehensive
Anyway, glad to know GOG is getting bigger and more profitable, it means there are giong to be new DRM free big game releases, hopefully.
Great initiative and very nice infographic, this confirms the positive trend, keep it up and try to improve the flaws!
I love GoG and CdProjekt Red!!! I've been following them since the early days when they had only around 800 games for the longest time. Then they started winning over a lot of Publishers, Indie and major developers. Ever since then the ball kept rolling for them.

They convinced some of the most die hard DRM Publishers that if they put their lowest profit margin product on GoG they'll take care of the rest and make it profitable for them. The industry caught on and saw a market for what GoG was offering so in the process they won over big name Publishers and as well as their community of fans.

That's awesome that GoG is sharing their metrics with us. It really shows how far they've come. All the people that worked behind the scenes to secure copyrights in order to bring us all these great games really deserve a lot of praise.
Congratulations people!!!!
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emter_pl: This is based on ratings from users that we ask for after solving their support tickets.
Thought so... and it's easier, I guess, to have this direct measurement. To be honest, I also gave top ratings to the few support tickets I created, but that was in times before the pandemic and the CP2077 refund tsunami hit :).

My point is the number does not factor in the tickets that have gone unanswered. And if we're to believe the furious rant threads we've seen on the forums, they are not exactly negligible...

Just so we're clear, I know support is doing their best to cover as much as they can - and getting good feedback on what they are doing. It just doesn't reflect the real picture here.

VanishedOne: Is Russia (one of the places that qualifies for a language-specific forum) considered European or Asian here?
Depends on who you ask, but I think they went with Peter the Great's vision and considered it European.
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Great news for gog, at least in the short term the store is in good health.
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Ah, ok, everything is hunky dory then, good for you.
You want suggestions, these have been made for years now and totally ignored. One other stat for your
Amount of money you will get from me (including CDPrEA): -£50
Amount of recommendations, referrals etc: 0%
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so.... skyrim soon then?