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OK, bookworms! It's time for a new year full of books!

If you want to make and update a post containing full list of books read in 2020, tell me with "INCLUDE ME" - I'll link the post with your username here (than you can remove "include me" and reaorganize a post as you wish). Feel free to PM me in any doubts or problems.

Than just come back once in a while to share your thoughts, interesting titles and reader's findings here.
Have a nice readings and wish you a lot of time for both games and books!


Previous years:

Great thanks for IShoot4lolz, madth3 and catpower1980, who maintained the previous years' editions!
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Include me

Feb 3-22: The Way of Kings | 5/5 (GR | blog)

2019 list
2018 list
2017 list
2016 list
2015 list
To go further back, check my read shelf on Goodreads (doesn't seem to allow resorting if not logged on though? and defaults to sorting by date added instead of date read, which is a mess).
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The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C. Clarke
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Shield, by Poul Anderson
Miss Fury, 1941-1944, by Tarpe Mills
Thune's Vision, by Schuyler Hernstrom
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2019 List
2018 List
2017 List
2016 List

Books read in 2020:
The Road to Science Fiction #3 From Heinlein to Here edited by James Gunn
The Stars, Like Dust by Isaac Asimov
Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov
Foundation by Isaac Asimov
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Books read in 2020:

★☆☆ Wicked Bugs: The Louse That Conquered Napoleon's Army and Other Diabolical Insects / Amy Stewart, Briony Morrow-Cribbs
★☆☆ Nekrosytuacje. Perełki z życia grabarza / Guillaume Bailly

Previous years:
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Include me, thanks for creating the thread.
* Wrath of Empires, Book 2 of the 2nd Powdermage Trilogy by Brian McClellan.
* Order of the Stick #1/2, Good Deeds Gone Unpunished
* Blood of Empires, Book 3 of 2nd Powdermage Trilogy by Brian McClellan

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Thanks for making this thread ! Let's go to the list :

1 - Les sectes mercenaires - Bertrand Delcour
2 - The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents - Terry Pratchett
3 - Alone - Thomas Geha
4 - Terror on Broadway - David Alexander
5 - The Kingdom of the Wicked - Anthony Burgess
6 - Before I say good-bye - Mary Higgins Clark
7 - Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld
8 - Behemoth - Scott Westerfeld
9 - 2132 - Kim Stanley Robinson
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My reading list for 2019 - The start of which explains my ongoing setup etc.

Still reading some from last year, and even a few from prior years.

Currently I am enjoying CRAIG A. FALCONER - The Contact Trilogy: Books 1-3 (Omnibus) very much.
As noted by some, it is a long story, so while I have read a lot, I am (or was) still near the beginning of the first book.
Some Info here at GOG, with my comments about the trilogy etc.
And yes, I did in the end grab Book 4 while it was still at 40% off ... I'd read enough to be sure I like the way the author writes.

The following contains - Past, Current, Projected. Projected is of course subject to change based on impulse.

74 - CRAIG A. FALCONER [1] - NOT ALONE - PCF - 21-DEC-19 --> 10-JAN-20
1-3 - Kristie Lynn Higgins ... Kitten And Kraken (Sample) - MIDNIGHT BLUE VM MYSTERY - 2-JAN-20 --> 2-JAN-20
3 - J. ROBERT KENNEDY [9] - POMPEII'S GHOSTS - PCF - 12-JAN-20 --> 16-JAN-20
4 - VAL McDERMID [20] - CLEAN BREAK - PCF - 17-JAN-20 --> 21-JAN-20
1-1 - Kristie Lynn Higgins ... Midnight Blue Valerian Murder Mystery - MIDNIGHT BLUE VM MYSTERY - 22-JAN-20 --> 22-JAN-20
1-2 - Kristie Lynn Higgins ... The Missing Japanese Chin Mystery (Sample) - MIDNIGHT BLUE VM MYSTERY - 22-JAN-20 --> 22-JAN-20
5 - TERRY GOODKIND [19] - NEST - PCF - 22-JAN-20 --> 3-FEB-20
6 - SOPHIE HANNAH [2] - CLOSED CASKET - PCF - 4-FEB-20 --> 12-FEB-20
7 - J. ROBERT KENNEDY [10] - AMAZON BURNING - PCF - 14-FEB-20 --> 18-FEB-20
8 - VAL McDERMID [21] - BLUE GENES - PCF - 19-FEB-20 --> 26-FEB-20
9 - CRAIG A. FALCONER [2] - NOT ALONE: Second Contact - PCF - 26-FEB-20 --> currently reading
10 - C. J. BOX [32] - not yet
11 - TERRY BROOKS [34] - not yet
12 - ALEXANDER McCALL SMITH [14] - not yet
13 - TERRY PRATCHETT [58] - not yet
14 - CRAIG A. FALCONER [3] - not yet
15 - not yet

I am determined to also get back into reading Swashbuckling Historical Romance and true core SciFi this year ... both of which I have been neglecting the last few years.
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My first book of 2020 was in the plane who brought me back from my parents' coutry to where i live now.

Les sectes mercenaires - Bertrand Delcour

Again a "Le poulpe" series, with the same ingredients than the other books of that serie which every volume is written by a different author.
Quite nice this one, even if the base principle of a "Le poulpe" is followed: a mysterious murder, Le poulpe goes there to see what happened really, there's a beautiful woman and we're generally speaking of sects or far-right groups. And still with this author there, it worked!

So far in 2020:
I've also read about 120 pages of another story, and on the PC of all places, which is something very rare for me to do, and what is even rarer, it was a Sample, which I normally avoid like the plague.

It kind of all happened by accident.

I'd gotten a free ebook from Amazon by way of BookBub, which had led to me seeing a Mystery book that I thought might be ok.

Midnight Blue Valerian Murder Mystery

I'd converted it to a non Kindle format, but errors had been reported during conversion, so I thought I would quickly check the ebook out.

Unbeknownst to me, until I opened it, the ebook contained 3 stories ... or so it seemed.

While checking the third story, the writing captured my attention, and I just kept reading until I reached the end, where unsatisfactorily it declared itself the end of the Sample, and if I wanted to read more I would need to get the full novel. What a bugger. Anyway, a few days later I did chase that novel up and buy it for about $4.50 AUD. It was quite an unusual story, and had me hooked and I wanted to find out more.

Kitten And Kraken

While I was looking for that, I discovered the author had a bunch of other free ebooks, which I also grabbed. Going back again tonight to get the links, I discovered many of those are no longer free, but a few of her others now are. You can I also discovered, find many of her (Kristie Lynn Higgins) stories free at Smashwords and at Kobo.

Her stories are very different, to say the least ... and she seems to have written very many.

Don't be fooled by the titles either, as quite often there are adventure, fantasy, horror and apocalyptic scifi elements along with any mystery suggested by the title. The two I listed above have Dystopian elements.
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Finished Reads

1. Starsight by Brandon Sanderson. What a cruel cliffhanger. Long wait for the next book... The downside of series lol.
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Started reading Bram Stoker's Dracula after watching a documentary on all the different films and deviations they took from the source material I felt compelled to read it.
OK, the first readings in 2020 were a bit unfortunate...

★☆☆ Wicked Bugs: The Louse That Conquered Napoleon's Army and Other Diabolical Insects / Amy Stewart, Briony Morrow-Cribbs

Click-bait title and the same with contents. Lacks scientific background and credibility, no reasonable order or approach to the (interesing, indeed) subject. Great pictures.

★☆☆ Nekrosytuacje. Perełki z życia grabarza / Guillaume Bailly

It was bestseller in France, afair, but I have no idea how that happened. No sense of humor, boring anecdotes, nothing you actually don't know; trust me, the book has nothing to offer.

List of all books read in 2020.
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