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OK, bookworms! It's time to share your readings.

Thanks catpower1980 for the previous edition. This year I'd like to make this topic a bit closer to that scheme, which means - if you want to make and update a post containing full list of books read in 2018, tell me with "INCLUDE ME" - I'll link with your username here (than you can remove "include me" and reaorganize a post as you wish).

Than just come back once in a while to share your thoughts, interesting titles and reader's findings here.
Have a nice readings and wish you a lot of time for both games and books!


Previous years:
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Thanks for taking the initiative on this one. :)

Ilium by Dan Simmons
Olympus by Dan Simmons
Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks
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Include me!

Btw, has catpower1980 permanently left?

List of books completed in 2018:
- Odd Arne Westad: The Cold War. A world history.
- Anatol Lieven: America right or wrong. An anatomy of American nationalism.
- Augustus Richard Norton: Hezbollah. A short history.
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Books read in 2018:

★★☆ Sokół Pustyni / Antoni Ferdynand Ossendowski
★★☆ The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking / Edward B. Burger
★☆☆ Rodzic jako przywódca stada / Jesper Juul
★☆☆ Zamiast wychowania / Jesper Juul
★☆☆ Hunger / Knut Hamsun
★☆☆ SAS for Dummies / Stephen McDaniel, Chris Hemedinger
★☆☆ 21st-century Miracle Medicine / Alexandra Wyke
★★★ The Gods Themselves / Isaac Asimov
★★☆ The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise / card. Robert Sarah, Nicolas Diat
★☆☆ Sztuka życia dla mężczyzn / Szczepan Twardoch, Przemysław Bociąga
★☆☆ Halo Tato. Historie o dobrym ojcostwie / Konrad Kruczkowski
★★☆ Za daleki bliski wschód / Zygmunt Kwiatkowski
★★☆ Ossów 1920 / Wiesław Jan Wysocki
★★☆ Afrykańska mozaika / Marek Pasiuk
★☆☆ The Handmaid's Tale / Margaret Atwood
★★☆ Tajemnica Guadalupe / Wincenty Łaszewski
★★★ The Secret Network of Nature / Peter Wohlleben
★★☆ The Jungle Book / Rudyard Kipling
★★★ Moc błogosławieństwa ojca / The power of father's blessing / Henryk Wieja
★☆☆ Rowerem po Amazonce / Bicycling on the Amazon / Piotr Chmieliński
★☆☆ German Autumn / Stig Dagerman
★★☆ Maluchem przez Afrykę / Arkady Paweł Fiedler
★★★ Learning SAS by Example: A Programmer's Guide / Ron Cody
★★☆ Left for Dead: My Journey Home from Everest / Beck Weathers, Stephen G. Michaud
★☆☆ 25 miniemerytur / Jakub B. Bączek
★★☆ The House of the Dead / Fyodor Dostoyevsky
★★★ Assassin's Apprentice / Robin Hobb
★★★ Biblia a człowiek współczesny / Anna Świderkówna
★☆☆ Kołem się toczy. Przez Kaukaz i Bliski Wschód / Karol Werner
★★☆ Crème de la Kreml / Wacław Radziwinowicz
★★★ Kościół dla średnio zaawansowanych / Szymon Hołownia
★☆☆ Statystyka. Kurs podstawowy / Małgorzata Rószkiewicz
★★☆ To Steal a March on God / Hanna Krall
★★★ Pycha i upadek / Rafał A. Ziemkiewicz
★☆☆ Statystyka / Mieczysław Sobczyk
★☆☆ Święci przyjaciółmi / Segundo Galilea
★☆☆ Statystyka praktyczna / Wacława Starzyńska
★★★ Ameryka nie istnieje / Wojciech Orliński
★★☆ The Trouble With Women / Jacky Fleming
★★★ Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets / Svetlana Alexievich
★★☆ Jak występować i zabłysnąć / Maciej Orłoś
★☆☆ Grimm Tales: For Young and Old / Philip Pullman
★★☆ Data Points: Visualization That Means Something / Nathan Yau
★★☆ Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion / Robert B. Cialdini
★★★ Biel. Notatki z Afryki / Marcin Kydryński
★★☆ Czarna szabla / Jacek Komuda
★★☆ Birdy / William Wharton
★☆☆ Think Bayes / Allen B. Downey
★★★ Naucz mnie żyć. Esej o ojcostwie / Xavier Lacroix
★☆☆ Retire Young, Retire Rich / Robert T. Kiyosaki
★☆☆ Data Science from Scratch / Samuel Harris
★★☆ The patients / Jürgen Thorwald
★★★ Machine Learning with R - Second Edition / Brett Lantz
★☆☆ The Magic Mountain / Thomas Mann
★☆☆ I jak tu nie biegać! / Beata Sadowska
★☆☆ Pan Samochodzik i Templariusze / Zbigniew Nienacki
★☆☆ Practical Machine Learning Cookbook / Atul Tripathi
★☆☆ Jupyter for Data Science / Dan Toomey
★★☆ Practical Big Data Analytics / Nataraj DasGupta
★★☆ Lewa wolna / Józef Mackiewicz
★★★ The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling / Ralph Kimball
★★☆ Niepełnia / Anna Kańtoch
★☆☆ The Name of the Rose / Umberto Eco
★☆☆ Halbblut / Karol May

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Maybe this will motivate me to read more.

1632 by Eric Flint
Noc generała by Gabriel Mérétik
Czas mroku (Darkest Hour) by Anthony McCarten
Potop by Henryk Sienkiewicz
Lion and Dragon in Northern China by Sir R F Johnston
Human Leopards by Sir K J Beatty
Tomek w krainie kangurów by Alfred Szklarski
Dark Genesis: The Birth of the Psi Corps by Gregory Keyes
Way Station by Clifford Simak
Problem trzech ciał (The Three-Body Problem) by Cixin Liu
Ostatni atak na Kunyang Chhish collective work (?)
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J K Rowling
All Systems Red by Martha Wells
Artificial Condition by Martha Wells
Umma. Reporter na Bliskim Wschodzie by Alfred de Montesquiou
Mistrz Twardowski by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski
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Include me too.

Jan 22-Feb 3: Ivanhoe | 3/5 (GR | blog)
Feb 18-22: Good Omens | 3/5 (GR | blog)
Mar 3-10: League of Dragons | 4/5 (GR | blog)
Apr 23: In Calabria | 3/5 (GR | blog)
Apr 26: MILA 2.0: Origins: The Fire | 2/5 (GR | blog)
Apr 26-May 2: MILA 2.0 | 2/5 (GR | blog)
May 3-7: MILA 2.0: Renegade | 2/5 (GR | blog)
Aug 27-Sep 2: To Journey in the Year of the Tiger | 4/5 (GR | blog)
Sep 10-15: To Walk in the Way of Lions | 3/5 (GR | blog)
Oct 22-26: Songs in the Year of the Cat | 4/5 (GR | blog)
Nov 12-24: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind | 4/5 (GR | blog)

2017 list
2016 list
2015 list
To go further back, check my read shelf on Goodreads (doesn't seem to allow resorting if not logged on though? and defaults to sorting by date added instead of date read, which is a mess).
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- Crossroads of Twilight - Robert Jordan
- Knife of Dreams - Robert Jordan
- The Gathering Storm - Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
- Towers of Midnight - Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
- A Memory of Light - Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
This concludes my journey in the world of The Wheel of Time. It was a great journey, loved it all the way, though I have to say I liked Brandon Sanderson's writing even more than Jordan's. Which puts the Mistborn series on my list. Though I might take a short break from reading for a couple of weeks.
Harry Harrison - The Stainless Steel Rat
Harry Harrison - The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge
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Include me please :)

1. The Tower of Swallows - Andrzej Sapkowski (January 3, 2018)
2. The Lady of the Lake - Andrzej Sapkowski (January 7, 2018)
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Here's my list:

1 - Little Heroes (Rock machine in French) - Norman Spinrad

That's one of the books - no, of the authors, with Tolkien, A.C. Clarke, Stephen King and Maurice G. Dantec, that I can't help but read and reread and rereread and... While written in 1987, it's more relevant than ever. It's full of sex, music, virutal stars and spanish lingo. A must!

2 - American Tabloid - James Ellroy

First book of the Underworld USA trilogy. A deep dive in JFK's America, from the point of view of mafia boys, conmen and CIA double agents. Chilling, but thrilling.

3 - The Cold Six Thousands - James Ellroy

4 - Le Théâtre des opérations, journal métaphysique et polémique (The Theatre of Operations, a Metaphysical and Polemical Journal) - Maurice G. Dantec

5 - Blood's a Rover - James Ellroy

6 - The People's Police - Norman Spinrad

7 - Monster Island - David Wellington

8 - Monster Nation - David Wellington

9 - Monster Planet - David Wellington

10 - Magic Kingdom for Sale -- SOLD! - Terry Brooks

11 - Apprivoiser l'éveil - Pierre Turlur

12 - Airframe - Michael Crichton

13 - Under the Dome - Stephen King

14 - Congo - Michael Crichton

15 - Body of evidence - Patricia Cornwell

16 - State of Fear - Michael Crichton

17 - Gilgamesh the King - Robert Silverberg

18 - To the Land of the Living - Robert Silverberg

19 - Shadowdale - Scott Ciencin

20 - The Big U - Neal Stephenson

21 - Tantras - Scott Ciencin

22 - Rama II - Arthur C. Clarke

23 - The Garden of Rama - Arthur C. Clarke

24 - Rama Revealed - Arthur C. Clarke

25 - Meg - Steven Alten

26 - The Lost World - Michael Crichton

27 - The New York Trilogy - Paul Auster

28 - All that remains - Patricia Cornwell

29 - Waterdeep - Troy Denning

30 - Homeland - R.A. Salvatore

31 - Exile - R.A. Salvatore

32 - Nine Tomorrows - Isaac Asimov

33 - Utoya - Laurent Obertone

34 - Pietr-le-Letton - Georges Simenon

35 - La petite écuyère a cafté - Jean-Bernard Pouy

36 - Saigne-sur-mer - Serge Quadruppani

37 - Arrêtez le carrelage - Patrick Raynal

38 - The Black Unicorn - Terry Brooks

39 - Wizard at large - Terry Brooks

40 - Cruel and Unusual - Patricia Cornwell

41 - Nazis dans le métro - Didier Daeninckx

42 - The World inside - Robert Silverberg

43 - The crime at lock 14 - Georges Simenon
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Great thanks for participation. Welcome on board! :)
morolf: Btw, has catpower1980 permanently left?
No idea. From what I see, each year there is someone elso who raise the thread. So perhaps it's our destiny to make it once and go away to The City of Dreaming Books.
InkPanther: Maybe this will motivate me to read more.
^This! It always works for me! Good luck then.
Include me!

A Most Glorious Ride: The Diaries of Theodore Roosevelt, 1877-1886 / Edward P. Kohn (Editor), Theodore Roosevelt
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Paperbacks From Hell, by Grady Hendrix
Tarzan and the Ant Men, by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Thank You, Jeeves, by PG Wodehouse
The Time of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski
The Comic Book Makers, by Joe and Jim Simon
A Shoot, by Paul O'Brien
Fast One, by Paul Cain
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2016 List
2017 List
2018 List of Read books
Time enough for Love by Robert A. Heinlein
Star Trek First Contact by J.M. Dillard
The War of the Worlds and other science fiction classics by H.G. Wells
Grumbles from the Grave by Robert Heinlein edited by Virginia Heinlein
Garfield Fat Cat 3 Pack Vol. 4 by Jim Davis
Garfield Fat Cat 3 Pack Vol. 1 by Jim Davis
The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin
The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin
The Voices of Heaven by Frederick Pohl
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
MAD's Looks, Listens and Laughs by Dave Berg
Papa Hemingway by A.E. Hotchner
Conan the Usurper #8 By Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague De Camp
Treason by the Book by Jonathan D. Spence
Blood Music by Greg Bear
The Complete Nebula Award-Winning Fiction by Samuel R. Delany
The Soviet Experiment: Russia, The USSR, and the Successor States by Ronald Grigor Suny
Harem: The World behind the Veil by Alev Lytle Croutier
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And here they are - national readers team representing Uuuu-nited Staa-aates of Aaaa-merica! ;)
Thank you for joining. Have a nice readings!
Paperbacks From Hell by Grady Hendrix is an overview of horror novels from the 70s and 80s boom period. Not the big names like Stephen King, but the trashier books that were mostly riding on the coattails of the big names. The main reason to check it out is to see all the gruesome cover art and to read about some of the premises of the books. On the downside, Hendrix mostly uses a snarky tone that makes him come across like an ironic hipster rather than a devoted fan or scholar, and when he does try to provide deeper analysis, it just comes across as shallow and sometimes plain wrong (just because The Shining has a haunted house does not mean it's about real estate market anxieties. Sheesh).

Read it for the pretty pictures, just skimming the text is fine :)