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My reading list for 2020

Just started the second book in the NOT ALONE: The Contact trilogy.

It felt like the right time to enjoy enough, especially knowing the books are long, and I felt like a change of pace and some SciFi.


I think I have stated here before, that my preference is for ebooks these days.
Well that is true, but I have been feeling the sameness lately ... perhaps I have read too many with the same ereader in a row.

Usually I have a good mix of paperback, hardcover and ereader, but just lately I have mostly stuck to ebooks and just on my Paperwhite Kindle .. chiefly because it is frontlit and so gives the best reading experience.

However, it is the same black vinyl cover look, and starting to get daggy, and the only time I briefly see a cover, and in black & white (shades of gray), is when choosing the next one. That's one of the issues with superior e-ink ereader devices. I have even contemplated jailbreaking it, just so I can have the cover of the current ebook as the screensaver (off power image).

So there is something to be said for traditional books with their often lovely covers, and I certainly do miss that, and they have more of a feeling of uniqueness. Covers sometimes inspire your reading too, interacting with your imagination.

I guess that is why a tablet or iPad often appeals more to the average punter. Not that you regularly see the cover then either, but at least it is in color and often set on a nice library looking shelf.

With my e-ink reader, when I turn it on it starts straight at the page I left off. Which is handy but uninspiring.


For those interested in 'DRM Free' ebooks, Smashwords is a good legit place to get them. Direct EPUB and MOBI etc downloads.

And to get you started with a good FREE one I read last year, a first for me for that author, that is thrilling and a bit over-the-top with a high body count etc, you could try the following. I almost read it in one sitting, and I was inspired to buy more by that author, and read book 10 in the series just the other day ... reading them in order.

The Protocol (A James Acton Thriller, Book #1) by J. Robert Kennedy (a FREEBIE) Sort of Indiana Jones crossed with Dan Brown.

As an interesting note, that book has also recently been released as an audiobook (not free) and apparently getting rave reviews. The narrator is the well respected R.C. Bray.

J. Robert Kennedy at Smashwords
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