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Changelog for Update (added 07 February 2019):

Hi Everyone,

Our latest update for Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition is now live! We've addressed the AI skipping turns and issues with loading saves when certain mods are in use.

Wishing you happy travels through Rivellon!
Larian Crew

Full changelist below:

General issues:
- Fixed AI skipping turns in some cases
- Fixed crash loading saves with certain mods

Mac Specific:
- Initial support for Intel Iris configs
- The launcher now shows on first launch so you can select a language
Did you say "Mac specific"?!

The patch isn't available for Mac in the Downloads section! One can only download the old version!
eierfrucht: Did you say "Mac specific"?!

The patch isn't available for Mac in the Downloads section! One can only download the old version!
The Mac version is available now as well.
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Changelog for Update (added 15 February 2019):

- Italian is added as a language

Mac Specific Bug Fixes:
- Fixed visual issue with journal pages
- Fixed scrolling issue when using a mouse wheel

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed empty containers not closing with space bar
- Fixed certain NPCs not entering combat when attacked from a distance
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Changelog for Update (added 08 March 2019):

*Added new Character Creation assets
* Mac Pro 2013 now supported
* MacOS 10.14.4 introduces a fix for Apple Gamecenter lobbies

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed a rare crash when joining multiplayer games with certain mods
* Fixed save file compatibility issue
* Fixed an issue with using the Swornbreaker in multiplayer games
* Fixed issue with player fast-traveling to Lady Vengeance
* Fixed Dashing June not taking gold from player inventory
* Fixed Sir Lora incorrectly absorbing Source
* Fixed the Frozen Family incorrectly initiating combat if defrosted in a certain way
* Fixed issue with Malady not appearing on the lower deck in some situations
* Fixed issues with players not receiving Seascape and Liberator achievements
* Fixed issues with The Gargoyle's Maze quest not appearing in the Journal under certain circumstances
* GM: Fixed issues with certain children missing faces and limbs when switching torsos
* Fixed minor visual and audio issues
* Fixed some dialogue issues
* Fixed UI cutoff in Spanish
Changelog for Update hotfix (added 10 May 2019):

* Korean is added as a language
Whats the changelog from the newest 3.6.44.etc?
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NinjaWursti: Whats the changelog from the newest 3.6.44.etc?
There is no official changelog. There were no game content changes in; primarily it added support for a function for Steam's summer sale, and there were some compatibility fixes for old CPUs with the Mac version (specifically, for 2010/2012 CPUs that don't have support for the AVX2 instruction set).
There was a problem with the original upload for the version (resulting in dialogue not being voiced, and cutscenes not shown), which was fixed in the next version of that patch.

Other than the Mac AVX2 fixes or multiplayer compatibility, there is not much reason to update to if you are still at