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rjbuffchix: Oh whoops, my apologies for the oversight. I guess I should've known better than thinking that was a dev post, haha (since we see users documenting changes themselves rather than always hearing from devs).
You could try to reach Larian with this e-mail :

I alrealdy tried : the result isn't really good if you ask me :

Larian washes their hands about the offline installer & offline patches, because it's a GOG's "issue" and GOG's support reply is : there's a "technical issue".....(since the launch of the definitive edition)....So i don't trust GOG at all and it's totally lame.....
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Changelog for Update Hotfix v3.6.31.2130 (added 18 October 2018):

Hi Everyone,

Our support team flagged a few urgent issues, so we are releasing a second hotfix to address them. Thanks to the detailed information sent in by community members, we were able to quickly track down and fix them!

Larian Crew

- Fixed Alexandar, Han and Sergeant Zrilla being hostile towards the player on the Lady Vengeance
- Fixed infinite loading screens for specific savegames
- Fixed issues with automatically unlocking the third Source Point under certain conditions. Unfortunately, this fix is not retroactive. Savegames that already have the third Source Point unlocked should be able to progress without issues, and the unlocked Source Point will not be removed by this fix.
rjbuffchix: Oh! Now I recognize your name! You post in the update topic!! Thank you for all the hard work there!
Cheers, but your thanks are misplaced; it's muntdefems and WinterSnowfall who (basically) do all the hard work, and deserve all the credit.
MechBFP: The gigantic nameplates that appear in combat are absolute garbage. What the hell were they thinking?!
They thought about hires TV's.
That problem goes back to original DOS2. No reply from devs on that mattter were received back then.
For those who expect a patch one day or another, don't wait at all : Right now the support reply is " dues to technical limitations, it's not possible to offer separate offline patches because the game size has doubled & each patch = downloading the game by itself"

It's more or less a translation from the reply i received, so don't shoot the messenger ;...

This is really a terrible excuse.... :-(

So either you d/l 45 GB at each buld (a minor or a major one) either you use the the end the former isn't really a it's clearly force users to install the client.....
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