Weekend Sale: Paradox games up to -80%

It's PDXCON time again and for three days Paradox fans will be converging to Berlin, Germany to celebrate the epic games in the publisher's expansive catalog! Even if you're not attending, doesn't mean you can't participate in the fun: our Paradox Sale is now on, with a wide array of modern classics going for up to 80% off. So get ready to micromanage, macromanage, lead, build, conquer and watch all of your hard work result in glory or crumble to dust in spectacular fashion.
Pillars of Eternity (up to 50%) and Tyranny (-50%) are two prime examples of why the isometric, party-based RPGs of yore needed to come back and stay. Age of Wonders series (up to 80%), Imperator: Rome (-33%), Majesty (-75%), and Hearts of Iron (up to 75%) will more than scratch your tactical itch while sucking you in their respective worlds.
Are you more in a mood to get lost in space over this weekend? Then, check out the superb Stellaris series (up to -75%) or Surviving Mars (up to -66%). Finally, BATTLETECH (up to -66%) will give you the shot of intergalactic war you’ve been asking for.
The Paradox Sale ends on October 21st, 1PM UTC.