Weekend Sale: Explore paths of destiny with games up to -90%

Do not be afraid; our fate
Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.
― Dante Alighieri
Friday is a perfect day to embark on an adventure into the unknown. Discover the paths of your destiny, face the mystery of eerie lands and hidden realms.
Beyond the thirteen gates at the end of the world, the game of life and death is played. Draw your cards, play your hand, and discover your fate in… Hand of Fate series - now up to –75%.
How about an intense and terrifying journey into the heart of darkness instead? Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (now –85%) will bring you such an experience.
Can you face the horrors buried deep beneath the ocean waves in SOMA or embark on a first person horror adventure focusing on story, immersion, and puzzle solving in The Penumbra Collection (both now –85%)?
You can always enter a world of heroes, swords, magic, and beasts in Fantasy General (–80%) or dive into a real-time strategy masterwork, War Wind (also –80%).
Get ready for the unforgettable expedition with our Weekend Sale!
The Weekend Sale ends June 24, 10pm UTC.