Victor Vran: Developer Q&A Highlights

We're done! For now...
The Q&A is finished! Thanks everyone for joining in, being great, hanging out, and a huge thanks to the awesome team behind Victor Vran.
There have been fantastic questions, in-depth answers, and some great news as well! There's plenty to take in - if you missed the main event, read up a sample below or just see the full thread. Stay tuned for more Developer Q&As in the future!
JustMaku: Why’d you call the game Victor Vran? Is there significance behind the name? (Unless that’s a major spoiler.)
"Hmmm… There are several different answers, all of them containing a snippet of truth. We loved the sound of the name, we were gloating about the idea how the English-speaking voice actors and players would try to say it, Victor is meant to be victorious, Vran means several things in several different languages that we all wanted to add to the background of the character… The rest is spoilers, my good chap!" [More…]
Selsius: Can we expect more weapons (greatswords, fist weapons)? I know one DLC with a spell book is coming.
"We definitely want to bring more weapons to Victor Vran and we have many ideas. The Tome (a spell caster type weapon) will be the first addition to Victor Vran's arsenal. The expansion will also add new weapons, but we will talk about them a bit further down the line. But we also want to hear what weapons and play styles you, the players, want to see in Victor Vran.” [More…]
stubbie: Any plans to implement a hardcore difficulty setting?
“We have "hard" mode already, in which you have all 5 Hexes turned on from the start of the game. Also, all monsters are slightly, sadistically stronger than their 5-Hex-versions. Of course, we aren't heartless and we allowed you to accept defeat by manually deactivating the hardcore mode for your character PERMANENTLY.
And if you don't feel challenged enough, we have an achievement to complete the story without dying even once. Do this in hardcore mode, please.” [More…]
gunshellmav: Would you say there are any books or stories that influenced the development of this game? If so, what are they?
“Too many. Not only books and stories, but also movies and TV series. Also, poetry. Lots of it. Examples include "Supernatural", classics like Bram Stoker's "Dracula", things like Batman - and then enter Yeats and Poe, even a bit of Nietzsche. As you can see, it's all over the place. So were we!” [More…]
Our guests:
BOYAN (Lead Designer, BoyanD): “My love for games got me into game journalism and later I co-wrote the second Bulgarian tabletop roleplaying systems.”
-- Worked mainly on combat, monster design and bosses for Victor Vran
-- Also worked on the Tropico series, Omerta, The First Templar & more
-- He’s a huge fan of Guild Wars, board games, and card games
MOMCHIL (Designer, uncle_quenchy): “I create content that would make the average gamer cry in frustration and throw his PC out of the window”
-- Loves his job in game design
-- One of his favorite games is Bad Rats. Least favorite is sports.