Vaporum gets free Accessibility Update, adds Stop Time mode

Freeze frame.
Vaporum, the steampunk, grid-based dungeon crawler, has been receiving a steady stream of fixes and improvements that gradually made the game more accessible to people with certain disabilities. Now the big Accessibility Update takes this one step further, introducing an optional Stop Time Mode, available at a touch of a button.
What Stop Time Mode does is automatically pause the game when you're not taking any action, giving you more time to plan your next move when things look hectic or help you more easily execute a time-sensitive action while solving a tricky puzzle. On top of that, Fatbot Games added an on-screen directional keypad to enhance that old-school feeling, plus item comparison tooltips that help you decide which piece of gear to equip.
Vaporum is now 35% off until December 11, 6PM UTC.
If you want to know more about the Accessibility Update, you can always head over to the devs' blog.