State of Customer Experience

In which we talk about our relationship with you.
Refunds, terms of use, customer support - it's the hot button issue right now and it's been on our minds as well. We thought this might be a pretty good time to say a word or two about how we do things, recent changes, and our approach to your customer experience.
We've got 'em, and here are the basics you might need to know:
You have 30 days, worldwide. Hitting "Buy" doesn't waive your rights.
European Union law states that you should have 14 days to withdraw from a purchase. That's not a bad deal, but it's not always enough. We think that 30 days is more like it, and that worldwide is just nicer - within that period, we only consider your purchase final if you've already started to actually download your game. We want all of our customers to feel that our refund policy is there to give you a comfortable experience - not that we were forced into having one.
You can still get a refund for technical issues after downloading your game.
Downloading a game doesn't mean you're on your own, you still have our guarantee that it works!
If you have your game, but it doesn't work for one of the million reasons that just happen - we're here to help. We want you to be able to play your game, and if you can't, there's no reason why you should be stuck with it. We call this the Money Back Guarantee. If your game doesn't work due to technical issues, and our support team is unable to help you fix it, we'll offer you a refund - and two ways to do it. You'll have the choice of a refund in store credit, (this is almost immediate), or back to your card/PayPal account (if you're okay with waiting a few days to be cleared by your card or account issuer). You have 30 days to contact us after making your purchase, but there's no rush - your refund-timer stops ticking once you get in touch.
Customer support
We think that good customer support is one of the pillars of an awesome experience. A hard time getting through to a living, breathing, human being can be one of the most frustrating things ever. But that's just not us.
Our support team is a cool, friendly bunch of people. Emphasis on people. They're really good at what they do, and they're here to provide you with a friendly, personal way to get in touch. We offer in-house tech support for all your problems, crashes, and other (totally not PEBKAC) issues, and we'll provide full support with no time restrictions. If that game you bought two years ago isn't working anymore, we might just be able to help. We'll take the time to walk you through any suggestions, and do our best to accommodate your non-technical needs - but that doesn't mean we can't work fast. Beginning January of this year, the waiting time for your average support ticket response was under 24 hours, and we got your problems completely resolved in under 36 hours.
Still, there's no reason why we couldn't do even better: we recently started offering support on Saturdays and Sundays, and the team just got a bit bigger. You can now write to us in English, French and German, and we plan to include more languages as we continue to expand. We're planning a significant update to our website support section, so finding information and getting in touch should be much easier. Soon, we'll also offer a much finer way to track your purchases and gifts, while all orders eligible for our Money Back Guarantee will be clearly labeled.
That's our two cents. We hope that this gives all of you a better (and much needed) inside look at customer experience and support from our perspective. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section. We're here to talk!