Release: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

The CIA, the NSA, the Russians, and the shadowy Third Echelon are involved in a complicated plot--and only Sam Fisher can straighten it out.
The first game of phenomenal action sneaking series Splinter Cell creeps onto the catalog today for just $9.99!
Something is up in Russia, and it doesn’t look good. Rumors of shadowy deals, illicit collusion, and dark plans abound, so the US government turns to their secret “wet ops” specialists: the Third Echelon. You’re Sam Fisher, former retired SEAL and new member of a Splinter Cell, a secret government-backed team that exists in no book, has no paper trail, and is completely disavowed if you’re ever caught. You’re sent in to investigate some ominous rumors in Georgia, Russia, and you must succeed in uncovering the plot and saving the nation--or die trying. No pressure, right?
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell was an incredible arrival in the action-sneaker genre when it showed up in 2002: it had a fantastic plot that read like a techno-thriller from genre master Tom Clancy, the gameplay’s emphasis on light and shadow, high-tech toys, and careful planning interspersed with bursts of lethal action, and the impressive Unreal Engine 2 graphics all made this game a blockbuster success. Winner of multiple awards across a number of platforms, this initial entry in the series has all of the great gameplay elements that fans of the genre will love: Fisher’s acrobatic abilities to jump, mantle, and split jump; his assortment of lethal and non-lethal weapons, and the story that feels like it was ripped from today’s headlines--which isn’t bad given that the game is a decade old!
Save the America today for just $9.99 on!