Release: Terminal Velocity

In other words: too damn fast!
Terminal Velocity, a fast-paced interplanetary fighter flight sim straight from the depths of 1990s, is now available on for only $5.99.
In a future not that distant, a devastating conflict shatters the terran defences. The humankind manages to survive and their last hope of defeating the invaders lies in the newly constructed fighter craft: the TV-202. This incredible machine has the ability to completely ignore gravity, fly in any possible direction with limitless maneuverability, and to deliver continuous thrust. Not to mention its supreme firepower. The fate of our race lies in the hands of the only pilot brave enough to fly that craft: you.
Terminal Velocity from 3D Realms is often compared to the Descent series, as it features the same concept of free-roaming battle-zones. 3D Realms made sure, however, that their game had an unique feeling to it. With creative landscapes, challenging enemies, hardcore tunnel-stages, and many unique worlds to visit, Terminal Velocity remains one of the most captivating futuristic fighter sims of all times.
If you think you can handle piloting at extreme speeds, while avoiding moving obstacles, and shooting bandits all around the clock--join the air-force! Or, take the safer path and get Terminal Velocity, for only $5.99!