Release: Redshirt

In space, no one can hear you "like".

Redshirt, a strategic social simulation with a dash of science fiction flair, is now available on for just $19.99.

Life in the future will probably not look like the serial SF TV shows of yore: computers are already smaller than a tricorder, we have access to the world's most complete database of wisdom and knowledge and generally use it to argue with people we will never meet and look up photos of cats with misspelled captions, and humanity won't manage to ascend to egalitarian greatness as long as we have social media to distract us.

Enter Redshirt: it's a look at how life on Distant Space 7 or Sumeria 5 could have been if they'd known about social networking in 1994. Available today for just $19.99, Redshirt gives you the chance to be a crew member who has to live with the challenges of managing not only your job requirements, but also balancing the intricate needs of the many (on the social application Spacebook) against the one (that would be you). Determining which outweighs the other is a constant struggle, and it's not made any easier by the fact that you just might end up parading around on away missions wearing a shirt of the most dangerous color.

Redshirt, an absolutely bonkers look at life in the future, mixes together strategy, interpersonal conflict, Sims-like professional development--and a fair measure of Machiavellian inter-station politics--into a solid bundle of fun that's sure to amuse anyone who's a critic of modern society's habit of sharing, liking, posting, pinning, plussing, and friending so much that they miss the alien about to eat their face.