Release: Raiden III Digital Edition

Strike against the alien foe!
Raiden III Digital Edition, a revamped version of the wonderfully old-school vertical shoot 'em up classic, is available 10% off on That's only $8.99 for the first week.
Raiden III Digital Edition is a revival of the classic Raiden series of scrolling shooter games. Raiden III has new concepts are introduced, which includes a "new 3D scrolling system" that involves the camera pointing down normal to the player while the scenery moves in three dimensions: climbing, descending, and sometimes moving vertically. The blue Laser concept is more like a beam, instead of the ones seen in prior installments.
Re-live all your best arcade memories and kick some alien butts in Raiden III Digital Edition, for only $8.99 on The 10% off special release discount lasts until Wednesday, October 1, at 2:59PM GMT.