Release: Jade Empire: Special Edition

The Way of the Jade Dragon.
Jade Empire: Special Edition, BioWare's role-playing epic set in the colorful realm inspired by legends of the Orient, is available 33% off on That's only $9.99 for the first week.
Jade Empire: Special Edition opens the land of kung fu legends before you and lets you immerse yourself in the fantastic version of the Orient. In this RPG classic brought to you by people who gave us RPG gaming monuments like Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, experience an epic tale of courage, power, honor, and betrayal set in one of the most colorful and suggestive gameworlds ever created. Master the unique fighting styles and train your own disciples who will rise to power along your side. Choose your own path and become a hero or a villain in your very own martial arts legend. This is the extended Special Edition of the game and it even comes bundled with an MP3 soundtrack. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity for an epic adventure!
Become the hero of your very own epic tale of far east in Jade Empire: Special Edition for only $9.99 on The 33% discount offer will last until Tuesday, June 18, at 9:59AM GMT.