Release: Ittle Dew

Linking away happily in a colorful realm of adventure!
Ittle Dew, a charming and elaborate console-style action-RPG with cartoonish graphics and lots of puzzle-packed dungeons, is available 10% off on That's only $12.59 for the first week.
Dungeons! Is there a better place to go adventuring than old moldy crypts full of dangerous monsters, traps, secret passages, and shiny beautiful magical loot? Well, of course not! So what's the point of trying to come up with anything different? There is none! We want dungeons, lots of them. Preferably scattered across some green, charming landscape that can be uncovered bit by bit. Some games do it right, others stray off the path. This one is very self-aware and executes all the classic ideas perfectly!
Ittle Dew plays exactly like a console-style action-RPG should play. That would probably be enough for every gamer in the world, but on top of that--it looks amazing! The cartoony graphics are so full of wit and charm, that you'll feel your inner child jumping up and down with delight. The game offers the best gameplay its genre has to offer, complete with many puzzles, odd-looking monsters, and treasures that you'll find along your way. Your quest will take up to 5 hours and once you're done, you'll probably find yourself playing it all over again, enjoying it even more!
If you miss that special feeling only classic action-RPGs can provide, there's a good chance you will instantly fall in love with Ittle Dew! Get it for only $12.59 on The 10% discount offer lasts until Wednesday, July 31, at 9:59AM GMT.