Release: Expeditions Conquistador

Tactics! Strategy! Adventure!
If you like your gaming to be a delicious melange of gaming style, mixing tactical combat with strategic management and a soupçon of classic "choose your own adventure" decision making, then games like Expeditions: Conquistador are a delightful break from the usual.
Set in the newly-discovered Americas, Expeditions: Conquistador gives you the opportunity to play through the discovery of a wondrous new land and peoples. In history, the choices that the conquistadors were ruthless and bloody and secured the Old World's place as the ruling power in these new lands. As you go through the intricately branching plot, you can choose to follow the path that history has laid out for you, or take a new direction and see how history plays out. With unique expedition members, random events that can completely change the circumstances your expedition is facing, dynamic trading system and economies, and even maps that are based on topological maps of the Dominican Republic and Mexico, this game's deep gameplay and high replayability will keep you entertained & engaged for hours.
A successful Kickstarted project, you can get Expeditions: Conquistador on for just $17.99 for the first week, so if you're thinking about checking it out, don't wait!