Release: Eador: Genesis

Grow stronger turn, by turn.
Eador: Genesis, an impressive turn-based strategy with RPG elements, that sends you on a quest to conquer a shattered realm, is now available on, for only $4.79! That's 20% off, this week only!
The world is no longer whole. All that remains are the islands of existence drifting aimlessly through the endless ocean of emptiness and oblivion. This broken realm houses many aspiring despots, hell-bent on uniting the floating shards of land under their own rule. There was, however, no single monarch who could achieve that feat since the time of the cataclysm. That won't stop you from trying, of course. Is it because you're even more hungry for power and wealth then your opponents? Or maybe you see a higher purpose in domination over Eador? Maybe you believe, that the world united under the rule of one strong leader will finally begin to heal? As one of the Masters, you're free to exercise your will however you see fit. But know this: history will judge you.
Eador: Genesis delivers a turn-based strategy experience inspired by the classics of the genre. It's a multi-layered game, equally stressing the importance of your kingdom's development and management, and your tactical battlefield abilities. There's also a strongly accented RPG element, that goes so well with the imaginatively crafted fantasy setting of the game. With over 170 structures to build, 80 magic spells to master, and 70 kinds of units to lead into the battle, each with its own goals and defining characteristic--this title will keep you busy for many long evenings.
Looking for a well-polished turn-based strategy game that's immersive, enthralling, and deep? Get Eador: Genesis, for only $4.79! That's 20% off until the promo ends on Tuesday, December 11, at 10:59AM GMT.