Release: Don't Starve

A cabin in the woods, how charming!
Don't Starve, a wilderness survival sandbox game with many original ideas, item crafting, and remarkable visuals, is available 20% off on That's only $11.99 for the first two weeks!
Don't Starve is a game focusing on your wilderness survival skill. Cast in the middle of unwelcoming wild you will need to learn to take care of yourself without all the commodities and luxuries that our civilization provides. It's back to the basics! You need to gather supplies, hunt, avoid dangers, and learn how to make a living in the harsh realm that became your new home. When you're alone in the woods death can come to you in many different ways. A simple cut might prove to be just as dangerous as a forest fire. But your most lethal and persistent enemy is hunger. What am I going to eat today--that's going to be your first thought every day. You might be reduced to gnawing on tree-bark, but whatever it takes: Don't Starve. Who knows, if you live long enough, you might even discover the dark secrets, hidden away from human sight, where no man dares to go.
Get your basic survival gear and a one-way ticket to the middle of nowhere, for only $11.99 on, and once you get there remember: Don't Starve! The release special offer lasts for two weeks, that is until Tuesday, May 7, at 12:59AM GMT.