Release: Corpse Party

Dead on arrival
Corpse Party, a spooky adventure about the occult backfiring on some meddling teenagers, is now available with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and statistics, DRM-free on
High school is where teenager shenanigans usually reach the peak of self-endangering recklessness. And when a magic charm accidentally transfers a group of friends to the ghostly past of Heavenly Host Elementary, they've only got themselves to blame for their misfortune. But fortunately for us, we get to follow them through a series of gruesome happenings, otherworldly interactions, sinister puzzles, and gut-wrenching decisions. The story features multiple endings, as plentiful as the various iterations of this horror cult-classic which now gets its definitive PC edition, full of reworked assets and enriched story elements.
Here's your blood-stained invitation for a macabre but curiously intriguing Corpse Party, DRM-free on Please bring your own body parts.