Paint it black.
BLACKHOLE, a story-driven platformer full of black comedy, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on, with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and a 70% launch discount.
The coffeeman will be our salvation! And we're not talking about getting us through the weekend's drunker stupor, either. We're talking actual end-of-the-world stuff here. Because the spaceship's coffeeman is the only person left standing after a terrible crash on top of a gaping BLACKHOLE. With the A.I.'s sarcastic guidance, he must go out there and find a way to fix the ship, save his crewmates, and finish the mission. Mind-bending puzzles, gravity-defying platforming, deadly pitfalls, and hilarious situations await inside this mysteriously diverse world that stretches across every which dimension. No time for coffee now, volunteer, we've got a universe to save!
Get consumed by an unpredictable, unforgiving, unwieldy BLACKHOLE, DRM-free on Want to challenge yourself even further? Gravitate towards the Complete Edition upgrade to gain access to the 3 pieces of awesome DLC and the catchy soundtrack!
The 70% discount will last until November 24, 1:59 PM UTC.