Pre-order: Primordia

Homo ex machina.
Primordia, a post-apocalyptic classic 2D adventure from the publisher of Resonance and Blackwell Bundle, is available for pre-order right now 20% off for $7.99. Pre-order and download the playable preview of the game two weeks before the release!
Mankind is no more. There is only the Book of Man, which Horatio studies patiently every day. Horatio Nullbuilt version 5 studies the Book of Man the Creator when he's not fixing the UNNIC ship. Or is not sparring with his robot friend Crispin Horatiobuilt, which Horatio built. Or when he's attacked and deprived of the ship's power core. Especially then. Horatio will set on a journey through the desert wasteland and beyond to find the missing part and to find a little bit more about himself, his creators, and the humanless robo-world Primordia.
You know what to expect from Primordia if you're familiar with other adventures from Wadjet Eye Games--wonderfully pixelated graphics, challenging puzzles, excellent voice-acting (Logan Cunningham of Bastion fame voicing the main character), soundtrack, and, what's most important, the spirit of classic point-and-clicks made in the early '90s. Primordia takes a little from Machinarium (robot hero and robo-world) and Beneath a Steel Sky (cyberpunk and a sarcastic robo-sidekick) but adds its own religion and mythology, that are brilliant to discover.
Pick up Primordia right now for only $7.99 and get access to all the available goodies including soundtrack, artworks, wallpapers, and playable preview of the game. Primordia will be released on the 5th of December 2012.