Pathfinder: Kingmaker updated to version 1.1, Wildcards DLC coming soon

Plenty of bugs were harmed in the making of this update.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker recently received a hefty update which fixed plenty of issues and paved the way for future improvements.
The team has extra content on the way too, with The Wildcards DLC coming soon alongside the game's Season Pass.
Epic, complicated RPGs can often be the perfect breeding ground for complicated bugs. The Pathfinder: Kingmaker devs armed themselves with lines upon lines of pesticide code and squashed A LOT of the little devils, thus fixing hiccups in quests, areas, Kingdom management, Classes, mechanics, and more.
See the full patch notes here.
Those hungry for new content should look forward to The Wildcards DLC, which promises to bring a new race (Tieflings), the Kineticist class, and a new (romanceable) companion with her very own story to discover.
The Wildcards DLC and the game's Season Pass are scheduled for release on December 6th.