New release: Uru Complete Chronicles

With today's release of Uru, our collection of games hailing from the Myst universe is complete... At least until we manage to get you the remaining titles sometime.
Uru: Complete Chronicles consists of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and the expansion packs The Path of the Shell and To D'ni. After releasing Riven, Cyan Worlds decided to let third-party developers produce future installments of the Myst series. Over five years and $12 million later, Uru was born. While it was originally designed as an MMO, it's a fantastic single player game in its own right, earning a cult following among countless gamers. An enthralling storyline is something to be expected from a game by Cyan, but the true icing on the cake are the graphics. Just take a look at those screenshots and try to imagine the game is seven years old!