New release: Ultima 4+5+6

Mooooreee! That was your reaction when we released Ultima Underworld 1+2, it was the same when we gave you Ultima 1+2+3 and Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar (for free!). And you guys especially know that all we ever want to do is keep you guys happy, so without further ado, we bring you the Age of Enlightenment games of the fantastic Ultima series!
Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar is already released and available for free on You can read the description of the game in the previous news post. Why is it included in this game pack? Well, the Ultima series breaks down into three trilogies, and it seemed a shame to break up the lovely symmetry.
Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny picks up on the story of the Avatar, the hero of Britannia. The country’s benevolent monarch is nowhere to be found, and an usurper named Lord Blackthorn has claimed the throne! It’s your duty as the embodiment of the Eight Virtues to make all wrongs right and recover the world of Britannia from the paws of Blackthorn and his three evil Shadowlords! This installation of the Ultima series expands on the world of Ultima 4 in a number of ways: towns are larger, have more unique buildings, and NPC interaction has evolved. With enhanced dialogues, diverse conversation topics, and a diverse array of characters, Ultima V shows that Lord British kept raising the bar for games looking to call themselves an “RPG.” The day and night cycle affects the gameplay. For example you can’t shop at night because the NPC shopkeepers are asleep! Delve into the world of Britannia and save its inhabitants & moral codex!
Ultima 6: The False Prophet starts out with a bang! You, the Avatar, are captured by demons, imprisoned, and ready to be sacrificed on an altar. Like in all those Hollywood movies, in the nick of time your friends from earlier adventures come in guns a-blazing to save you! You learn that those demon-like creatures are gargoyles, a new race that invaded Britannia and have seized the shrines of Virtue. As you venture forth on your next adventure as the Avatar, you try to understand the true motivations of gargoyles. As the embodiment of the Eight Virtues, the Avatar will understand that his mission is to establish peace and make the two races coexist in Britannia peacefully. Ultima 6 is a one of a kind game which, without over imposing it on the player, tells a story of the evil of human prejudice and ignorance. This is where the motto of Origin Systems, “We create worlds”, is best visible and it really steps up to its name!
Play the full “second” trilogy of Ultima 4+5+6! Now available DRM-free on for $5.99.
Note: The character import function does not work yet, but we are doing everything we can to find a solution to this problem and we will update the game as soon as we can get it worked out.