New release: Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

After some few days of R&R, Duke Nukem is ready for some more action!
Our favorite butt-kicking babe magnet returns to his side-scrolling platformer roots in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. A mad scientist, Mech Morphix, is using a mutagenic substance called G.L.O.P.P. to turn New York's sewer-dwelling life forms (which includes alligators, obviously) into deadly monsters. Duke, as expected from a popular hero, sets out to stop Morphix from taking over the Big Apple, golden Desert Eagle in hand. During his quest he will get to rescue some chicks, who are more than happy to see Duke save the day. A solid, fun-packed 3D platformer that's a great addition to Duke Nukem 3D and for only $5.99.